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  • Iwantmylifeback
    I've experience "MS Hug" before, but it was different than what's happening now. The "MS Hug" was more like being squeezed around my body. This new symptom is like all of my internal organs are cramping. It will go on for days and sometimes weeks. Has anyone else experienced this??

    Thank you!
  • Rhiannon
    Before my other MS symptoms started, before I was diagnosed I would have terrible pains in my internal organs.  It was like a sharp stabbing sensation that would come out of nowhere, and then subside to a dull ache.  Eventually, a couple of years after my diagnosis I took the ELISA test for food allergies.  I had a high diagestive allergy to eggs and soy (which almost comprised my whole diet).  I have also gone gluten free and dairy free and I don't experience the pains anymore.  Not all insurance will pay for the ELISA test, but in my case it was well worth it.  You could also try an elimination diet where you cut out foods one at a time and see if that helps you.
  • Donna_Lee
    I am right now experiencing what feels like cramping and squeezing of my internal organs.  I first described this as contractions, like when I was in labor, because it is so strong and can't be controlled.  It seemed to affect the pelvic area.   I went on-line trying to find it listed with the MS hug, but never did.  I am now coming off steroids from an exacerbation and the cramping hits me everyday when I get tired.  It is frustrating.  It makes me tense and irritable.  Yesterday I took double the baclofen dose (which was a small amt anyway ) and Aleve and I finally got some relief.  When I get the internal squeezing now I also get a tightening in the chest and neck area.  Even my jaw seems to tighten.  Does this sound like what you are experiencing ?
  • ninyw
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