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  • Angela131
    Anyone else have lines or like spiderwebs in their field of vision?  I have had this problem for about a year.  It never fully goes away, but does worsen at times.  Today it is bothering me and it hurts behind my eyes.  I have been to a neuro opthalmologist and they say my eyes are fine.  It seems to worsen in bright light.  I also have 3 floaters that have been with me for about a year, but they don't really bother me. 
  • Nana_or
    I also have floater. They are worse in bright lights or when tired. One eye has adapted so I rarely see them in that eye.
  • lisa76
    I have optic neuritis in my right eye and my vision never came back in that one. I do have like little floaters or lines like u said in the other eye. When I first had the optic neuritis in my bad eye it was really sore and hurt to move. Did ur neuro opthlamologist do an mri to look for the swelling of the optic nerve? That's how they found mine. Good luck.
  • charliegirl78
    I don't get the spiderweb effect, but my vision in my left eye is still "blurry".  It's one of the hardest things to describe, but like others have mentioned, it's close to how i imagine it would be if I had smoke in my eyes of a thin film of vaseline.  it's not totally blacked out, but it's not clear either.  Very frustrating!  Optic stuff.  My opthemologist said he'd be very surprised if my vision didn't retrun in "3weeks or so".  It's been 8, so I guess he's just as surprised as I am, though I doubt he's as frustrated ;/
  • Angela131
    I have never had a film (vaseline) before.  However, my sight does get blurry when I get hot which makes it hard to exercise.  Even when I go out for a walk my sight blurrs.  I have never gone blind though.  And because of that sometimes I feel like my neurologist doesn't take me seriously.  She is always telling me unless I see double or go blind my eye problems are not MS related.  Not that I want to go blind, don't get me wrong.  I have had lightbulbs removed from my lights at work and a glare screen put on my computer, but sometimes it is still hard to see.  I just think it is odd that this all started with my first flare up of MS.  I guess I should have gone to the ER or something when this all started.  Last April, I had severe headaches, fatigue, pain behind my eyes, blurred vision, tingling, numbness, and on two occasions while I was talking to someone it appeared as though they moved to the left and back again.  But, instead I patiently waited over a month for my appointment. I fear now this is permanent.  I just wish I had some answers.  Thanks for all the input.
  • kc41101
    I haven't lost vision in my eyes but there is constant haze in my vision and at times it looks like i can see a series of mirrors/windows to the side put I can't control my vision to look straight ahead. The closest I've come to matching spiderwebs was during my recent flare-up it was like seeing everything in pieces all at once. I'm wondering if there is an eye specialist out there that might be able to help correct some of the vision issues its frustrating because one thing is for sure it is not just one issue with the eyes and before MS took hold perfect vision was definately taken for granted

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