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  • michd2006
    Hi everyone!  Just wondering if anyone experiences a total white blurring of vision.  This happens to me in just one eye.  It is almost like when I used to get a "fuzzy" on my eyelash which obscured my vision until I removed it from the eyelash.  The only thing is there is nothing on my lashes, no irritation to my eye itself, no tearing of the eye, just total "white out" for a varied amount of time.  Generally 5-15 minutes.  My left eye is always the eye affected and my vision is always blurry in that eye anyways.
    Anyone experience this before and did you require any type of treatment (not sure what treatment would be needed).  Is there a condition that causes this that is related to MS or is it just the MS?
  • Curmudgeon
    I had a veil type blur in my right eye.  It took up about 60% of my vision. 
    It would get worse in sunlight or fluorescent lighting.
    I went to 3 different Drs for it before I finally got an MRI scheduled from the retina Dr.  Thankfully, this MRI is what lead to my MS Dx. 
    My neurologist never really explained if it was due to a lesion, but after almost a year it is pretty much gone :)
  • maria1
    What causes it I do not know, and yes, plenty of times. What I have noticed
    is , diet and water is what I believe will control it. Notice if you ate
    any junk, and how much water you consumed. I am not a total health food
    person, sometimes convenie since is my cook, so I am able to notice the
    difference in what I eat and how it affects my eye and eyes. Just like
    sounds, maybe it is the additives in proccessed foods, or too much salt and
    pepper but I get ringing in my ears with some thing that I eat, maybe it is
    just the starches. Some how, if I eat sugar after one pm I am up for more
    than twenty four hours I is itthe rx coctail & sugar or is it ms?) And
    dreams, some of the strangest dreams come from the 'comfort food'. Starch,
    the bread, has a tiny bit of sugar as a starter. And of course stress, are
    your muscles tense right now? Try, deep breathing, water, and whole food
    diet and see if there is a change, or keep a list of your intake and
    compare the eye to the intake, to see if there is a correlation. And let us
    know, now that you have us in the loop, we HAVE TO KNOW. thank you,

  • maria1
    If you have a trick for staying away let us know. m&m are sometimes perfect
    and nothing else will do. It is a suprise that you were able to instantly
    comfirm my findings,so I am only nuts sometimes.

  • shorty32982
    I got DX with vision issues it is called optic nertious.  I would got seek help of a nero.  I have have a a eye nero because I could not see right for 2 months with no answers from every other dr.
  • michd2006
    this makes sense, I did endulge in peanut butter m&m's the other day when this happened. The other time it happened I was low on water consumption.  Very good info thank you!  I will keep track and stay away from the sugars!
  • everpedro
    oh heaven yes. I had my right eye have this problem for at least a week, and I have a horrible amount of pressure behind my left eye nothing you can really do just hope that your vision comes back 

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