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  • mw58
    I have this burning sensation just below my bra bohers me so bad. has any else had any burning, painful sensations? if so what did you do to help ease it?? I just recently was diganosed in July I havnt even started the interferon yet...and it is driving me crazy.
  • runningmom
    I have burning on my skin quite often, different spots, but the bra line and shoulder blades is a bad one for me as well.  None of the nerve pain medicines they tried me on helped.  1-2 vicodin help, but the best medicine for that kind of pain is marajuana.  I have had MS for 13 yrs. and have had to deal with the burning sensation for the last couple years, it's a horrible thing to have to deal with!  I'm sorry for you.  :(  Keep smiling when you can and I wish you the best!  
  • michd2006
    I have had that burning/painful sensation on my left rib area.  It hurt so bad it took my breath away.  The area affected was my left ribs running to my back and front around my bra line.  Have you been exposed to chicken pox or anyone with shingles?  It can take a while for rash to develop if it is shingles.  I think it can take a couple weeks.  Keep an eye on the area for a rash.  I was diagnosed in June 2012, and I am on copaxone.  I havent had the sensation for at least 3 weeks.  I put a cold pack on the area maybe just for comfort.  I helped a little, but I am glad this symptom subsided it really hurt! 

    Wishing you the best.  Take care!
  • grannymel2009
    Have you told you dr about this? And is there any pain invlved? I had shingles and that is how it ws for me but here wasa lot of pain with it. Is there a rash? or reddness of any kind? I would talk to your pc and nuero about this just to be sure.
  • mw58
    No no rash, that is why I think it is MS related...and it is painful and numb...I did call the nuero and she has put me on a differant med Lyrica. So I will see if that works any better.
  • michd2006
    My area was also numb.  I am on neurotin also, which I take mostly for leg pain at night.  I didn't mention this in my earlier post.   I think my neuro said the numb are was approx 10 cm, but I felt it in a larger area.  I never develped a rash so mine was related to ms.
  • mw58
    Im glad to hear that I am not alone...and I have tried marajuana too...I havnt tried the vicodin yet I have some lorazopan and it seems to help me at least relax...I just started Rebif this third treatmen will be tomorrow....Thanks for your input :)

  • redavan
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  • sydney8687
    I had this exact same experience for about a week last month. I was wondering if you ever got it again because this was many years ago? Has anyone els had this. I haven’t read anything on burning pain there. I also have burning skin on my legs. Thank you for any response.
  • maria1
    syd..., what does it feel like when you put your hand on a hot spot? Do cool compresses help?  You could try some hemp cream, it is a temporary solution that might give you some relief.
  • sydney8687
    When it’s burning to touch it is very painful. If I get up the movement on my skin is just horrible. I’m not really sure how to describe it other than that. But I do not like it. The neurologist told me it was probably a side effect from a migraine medicine I take because it only would happen when I took it. Well I stopped taking it and it continues to happen. It lasts a day or two every time.