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  • Cm31
    Does anyone here suffer from nausea?
  • maria1
    Ear infections can cause the same reactions, then there are allergies. I went for allergy shots and am reasonably free of nausea. Dust mites abound in carpets and mattresses. Had to cover the mattresses and Capture the carpets, Capture is a rug cleaner that kills the dust mites.
  • maria1
    How about this. Use your fingers to massage exactly below your eyebrows. is
    there sensitivity. If yes, then the sinus is part of the problem. It would
    be nice if it is the sinus cause then you can take an antihistamine
    decongestant recommended by the pharmacist.

    Next, Put some Listerine on a Qtip and swab the ear. Listerine kills
    everything but ms. If it is an inner ear infection the listerine will give
    some relief, maybe not complete, then antibiotics would be needed, if then
    remember to take probiotic after the antibiotic to put back the good bugs
    in the gut.

    For you I hope it is allergies causing the headaches and nausea cause an
    allergist can help that a lot. Be interesting to hear how many msers have
    Besides dust mites, oak, dogs cats, horses mold and goldenrod. Our internet
    provider has a map to track allergy strength, see if your headaches match
    the map. Even tho i am not superstitious my fingers are crossed.
  • Curmudgeon
    Nausea is a daily occurrence for me :(
    Until now I thought it was brought on by my migraines...who would be able to distinguish between the two? 
  • MS_Navigator_Brian
    Hello Cm31,
    I have included  some information about MS and nausea below.  (We are also moving your post to the "Treating MS" discussion category so you hopefully receive additional insight).   I hope that this is helpful.  You may also choose to speak with your neurologist regarding this symptom as this may be a side effect to medication. Brian
    *Spinning, Dizziness and Vertigo — sensation of “spinning”, which, when severe, may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, resulting from an irritation of the brain stem structures that help to maintain balance.