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    MS Navigator,
    I've had severe bladder and bowel problems most of my life. 10 years ago I stopped being able to defacate and the pain was intense and never ending. I went 7 years trying various things. Neurostimulator implants caused bladder issues that I'm now self catherizing for. Prolasped rectum, neck surgery and many invasive diagnostic attempts to find the problem. Turns out, thru spinal taps, the diagnosis is MS. Fine, however even with a colostomy life is hard. Sitting brings on a lot of pain (I'm ruling out my hemoroids, it's in my stomach regoin). It seems like the MS has targeted my rectum area and hypersensitized it.  Is there any relief for the pain and discomfort? Thanks for any help.

  • MS Navigator Jess
    Hi there!  I'm sorry to hear you're having so much pain.  We have some general information about bowel issues and MS, but only a qualified health care provider can medically assist you in coming up with solutions.

    Here's the information that we have:

    Bowel Dysfunction

    If you're interested in finding a new doctor, give us a call.  We may have referrals in your area.  We're her M-F from 7a-5p MST.  1 800 344 4867
  • jenjen1515



    I replied to another post regarding my paraflush.  It works well for me and haven' t had an accident yet.  it also releives pressure from days of build up, so i have a better movement.  Here was my response:


    Im a paraplegic , but I created a bidet style bowel program that helps me prevent accidents and gives me freedom from messy extractions.  My Paraflush is ready to install directly to your toilet supply line for on-demand water supply that facilitates a quick, easy, clean bowel program. All components are made of quality stainless steel and brass for durability, reliability and ease of cleaning. Every unit is individually hand assembled and designed for a lifetime of use.  I've also created a portable unit.  We are getting wonderful feedback from users.


    Hope this helps!Paraflush® SCI Bowel Management Program

  • capitolcarol

    Hi, I have too many accidents.  My bowel seems to behave itself when I am wearing a Depends, but if I am wearing regular underwear, then that is when I have an accident.  Needless to say, I end up buying a lot of new underwear.

  • maria1

    Have you tried probiotics?

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