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  • DCTransplant

    Are there treatments for executive attention skills diminishing? Multi-tasking is difficult, and I am easily distracted, which is disturbing for a variety of reasons let alone work.  

  • MS Navigator Jess
    Good morning, DC.

    Cognitive issues are a pretty common symptom of MS.  We have some great information on our website, and a booklet that might be helpful to you.  Here are some links:

    Cognitive Dysfunction

    Solving Cognitive Problems

    Hope those are helpful to you!  Have you discussed this with your doctor yet?

  • DCTransplant
    This website has a fairly comprehensive list of research and therapies for cognitive issues in MS.  Sponsored by UK government.
  • shorty32982
    I was told to do alot of reading and stay active with hand eye cornation. 
  • Lotus562
    My doctor put me on a couple of Alzheimer's medications to help.  I'm not sure how it does, but I think I'm better, I don't seem to lose as many words now.

    I've also been trying
  • mznormann
    I am fortunate to be able to go to the VA hospital for cognitive rehabilitation. I have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) as well as MS. I go once a week and I find it helpful. We work on compensating strategies and using technology to replace what's missing.
  • DCTransplant
    Thank you Jess.  I have talked to my dr, I also just received the results of a neuro psych text, while not bad, I have definitely slipped in one area.

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