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  • lauried

    Is it typical to have a fever and dry cough during a relapse?  Is it typical to have pnuemonia during a relapse?

  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Hi lauried,

    I'm glad you're feeling better!  I thought I'd share some information in response to your question in case someone else has the same question sometime...

    In regards to pneumonia, the reference that comes up most frequently in our database is to "aspiration pneumonia," which may result from swallowing problems that could increase during an exacerbation in some individuals.  I don't see that there is any causal link between pneumonia and MS exacerbations.  Coughing may also be linked to swallowing problems - but of course, many other conditions or even side effects of prescription medications can also cause coughing so if the problem persisted it would be a good idea to ask for a doctor's opinion.

    Fevers wouldn't be caused by an exacerbation, although they may be a side effect of some medications used to treat MS.  Fevers can also be the cause of a "pseudoexacerbation", a brief flare-up of old symptoms that is actually unrelated to damage in the central nervous system. A cold, virus or infection that raises the core body temperature, or even hot weather, can also be behind pseudoexacerbations.

    Stay well!
  • ladyjustine
    I don't know if this is typical but could it had been the fever, cough and or pnuenonia that maybe caused the relapse? Sort of which came first, the chicken or the egg? I do know that I get lots of fevers and many sinus infections since having MS. Could it be the Rebif making my immune systom weaker? Sorry I have no answer for you anonymous but I do hope you feel better and get over this relapse soon.
  • lauried
    Thank you for your input. I, too, get sinus infections frequently. I am feeling better.
  • faustkatrina

    i know this is an old conversation, but having this myself.  Started with a sore throat and fever, headache. Now just dry cough for days withslight headach and slight fever. wasn't going away with tylenol.  went to doctor and so far everything negative and bood work looks fine.  Going on 5th day of low grade fever and on antibiotics now and continued with tylenol to keep fever down.  Strep culture done and wont have results for another day or two.  Perhaps its just a virus and antibiotics won't help anyway.

    If you get this, please tell me what happened in your case two years ago.  How long did it take to go away?

    I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow and not sure if I should because I don't know why this is happening or what is causing it.

    thank you!

  • Avatar
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