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  • SusanOlive

    Any assistance?


  • DogLover
    I have the knee buckling whenever I am having a flare-up or am very tired. I always called it my "chicken walk". Fortunately my knee never completely gave out, just bent on my right side. I also found my brain not working right, although at the time 12 years ago cognitive issues were not as well known as a side effect of MS. I try to cover it up as much as possible, but know it is not that easy. I have always been a brainiac so this part of the disease has been very difficult for me, but I assume that is the battle that God gave me, instead of the physical disability part of MS. I did step down from my accounting manager position when first diagnosed with MS and have had to change my priorities to accomodate this disease. It is not always easy, but your health is more important than a career (although I know it is important to keep your job, especially if you are single like me). Good Luck!
  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for posting! 

    In regards to your buckling knee, we don't have a lot of information on this subject.  I found one reference in a guide designed for healthcare providers that states:

    Weakness results from both interrupted neurotransmission and disuse. Weakness can cause buckling of the lower limbs, clumsiness, slowness of movement, and loss of power.

    Strengthening exercises may improve strength of muscles that are weak from disuse but will not improve muscle weakness secondary to poor transmission. Managing weakness must be done in conjunction with management of spasticity and fatigue to be effective.

    If you're having trouble performing at your job, it might be time to initiate a conversation about workplace accommodations.  Reading Win-Win Approach to Reasonable Accommodations: Enhancing Productivity on Your Job is a good place to start; the Job Accommodation Network can also provide expert advice about finding ways to be successful in spite of impairments.

    I hope that helps!
  • SusanOlive
    Thanks Dog Lover. 

    I like your term chicken walk, you have to keep a sense of humor.  I thought it was going to stay that way, but I've been working on moving my leg and strenthening my knee.   I guess I'll just have to do the "Funky Chicken" every now and then. 

    Horse Crazy & Dog Lover - my black lab - Remi.