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  • starburst

    Hello everyone.
     I'm new here. For the past year I've been having a variety of symptoms. However, my doctors are having a hard time diagnosing me because my symptoms went from chest pain swallowing problems to right knee pain to widespread pain from head to toe. In addition, my doctors are saying my symptoms do not not match my left round 5mm lesion.  I have widespread tingling, numbing, burning from time to time and itching sensations and facial vibrations and burning. My spinal tap showed negative for CNS, however, i had multiple restriction bands..Sometimes behind my knees, it feels very sensitive or weak, shin pain, bone pain. My pain went widespread over night after I had a strange episode feeling like electro shocks went through my body stabbing my bones from my ankles all the way up to my face.. My Dr's are arguing about this and some think Fibro and the others think ms.This is all very stressful because my symptoms are pretty much everyday all day, the only thing that changes are the kind of symptoms..Can anyone enlighten me on this? Has anyone had gamma electro done on them?

  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Hi there,

    It's so frustrating to live with symptoms that aren't explained - and it's particularly challenging when your healthcare providers are giving you mixed messages about what may be causing the various symptoms you described in your post.

    Several of the symptoms you describe are fairly common in those who are living with an MS diagnosis.  The oligoclonal bands they look for in cerebrospinal fluid are found in about 90-95% of people with MS, but are also present in other diseases.  You mention one lesion, but it's not clear if you have multiple lesions in separate areas of the central nervous system nor whether there is evidence that the damage occurred at least one month apart - also criteria for confirmation of an MS diagnosis.

    Please continue to work with your doctors, and continue to encourage them to consult with each other to make sure they're sharing a common understanding of your symptoms and what the diagnostics are pointing to. Our Possible MS page has additional information that may be of interest to you; I hope you start to get answers soon!
  • maria1
    Hello Starburst, While the mds are arguing the dx ask one of them to give you a script for lyrica three times a day to see if it will help with the pain, because you need some relief in the meantime. If they say no get another md, It is fine that they are working out what it is, in the meantime you must get some peace. If they still say no check in to the emergency room and tell them you have so much pain you can not stand it anymore.

    I have ms and fibromyalgia, and allergies and sleep apnea and hypothyroidismm arthritis and probably something that I can't remember. And it had taken years and mds and years and mds too so it is easy for me too make a recommendation for relief.

    Ms will cause muscle spasms untio you understand how your body reacts to activity, rest before you get tired, Drink plenty of water, relaxation exercises, deep breathing and write down anything, what you are feeling, emotionally and physically, relax, notice what makes you anxious. giggle too., giggle three. then giggle again. giggle is good, giggling is better,

  • starburst
    @MS Navigator Robin  , thanks for your reply. The doctors found a round 5mm lesion on my left thalamas gland. I know there are lesions and plaques, im still confused about the difference. However, so far just the lesion. I go for another Brain MRI next week. I  hope everything goes well. Its it possible to have widespread pain with one lesion? My doctos say the lesion doesn't match my symptoms..What do you think?
  • starburst
    Hello Maria,
     thanks for your response.! So far I've been diangnosed with fibromylagia. I went for a third brain mri yesterday to look for new leaions and to mointor the one lesion. If you dont mind me asking how many lesions do you have and did they come when you relapsed or?

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