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  • amsmiles

    Several times recently I have had sudden speech loss.  Tonight, however, I had complete loss of speech for approximately ten mintes.  I started panicking and was going to go to the hospital when it came back just as suddenly.  Afterwards, which is now, I am seemingly normal.  Is this m.s. related?  What should i do in addition to calling my neurologist in the morning?

  • maria1
    Panic makes it worse, relax, I know it sounds rediculous but panicking only tenses the muscles more than they already are.. Sometimes the throat muscles forget to work, just like all the others, they take turns letting us know they are there by shutting down. All the motions we took for granted are now things we are grateful for when they work.
  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Hi there,

    Thank you for posting - it sounds like you had a pretty frightening experience.  I'm glad you're calling your neurologist; that's always a good idea when there are sudden or significant changes in function.  I noticed that Barbara suggested a speech therapy evaluation, which is also what also crossed my mind as a potential option. Speech/language pathologists assess speech issues but can also assess and address cognitive dysfunction, so that may be a place to start in figuring out what's caused this upsetting symptom (and then how to best manage it should it happen again). 

    Take good care of yourself,