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  • Btgbill
    I was diagnosed with clinical depression 19 years ago and take Fluoxtine 20 mg every day since.  In January I was diagnosed with MS which looking back I believe I have suffered with for several years.  As I begin to treat my MS, should I stop taking the depression meds?   as perhaps the MS may have been the starter cause of this so many years ago?
  • maria1
    Besides what Kristin said, to stop some medications  there needs to be a weaning proccess or unforseen side effects may occur/ The md could let you try ms without an antidepressant coctail to see what you would feel about it, but do not consider stopping without consulting the md, especially since you have been on it awhile.

  • Avatar
    Hi.  In response to your question, I would suggest you talk to your neurologist first, as we do not have medical backgrounds.  Having said that, depression is a very common symptom of MS.  Therefore, your neurologist may very well give you the green light to continue taking the depression medication, especially if it has been working for you.  But definitely check with your neurologist first before you make a decision on that.
  • dalealan
    I agree completely with Kristin and Maria, defintely do not stop your medication before discussing it with doc.  Take care Dale

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