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  • christine32
    I am to with out a support system ... MS is ruff and hard to deal with.. every sysptom is different for everyone. There are days where I feel in a huge brain fog. Can't spell or speak words proply. Or remember words. The MS has caused Depression. I really just try to keep things quite as a coping thing but not sure if that's the right thing to do but it helps me sometimes. Reduction of noise and turning off my phone and just sleeping it off. Ohhhh being dizzy I can feel you on that one.. you bend over its like your going to fall head 1st on the floor or you feel way off balance just sitting in a chair. Dr gives me a nauseous medicine to help with that, but sometimes it does not work for me. I just lay on my right side and wait it out with the meds and make sure my head is adjusted with pillows just right so my head feels supported. Dr's don't even give me advice on these symptoms any more... hope the best for you. Hope my rip on the dizziness helps out let me know if it does help. Much love Christine
  • mitzij23
    I too am a college student. I'm in graduate school and I'm very concerned about how my cognitive issues are effecting me... Going to neuro tomorrow for official diagnosis... Would love to connect with you and chat. I feel your pain!!
  • capitolcarol
    Let us know how it goes at the neurologist's office.  We would be interested to hear with the official word is and what the neurologist's recommendation is.
  • gamalanga
    I have had MS for 15 years.  It has been challenging, painful, confusing and always a part of my everyday life.  In the past year and a half, my RRMS has gotten much worse.  I have trouble walking even wi th a walker, my hands have lost most of their dexterity.  I can't do most of the things I have always loved to do (painting, sports, crochet).  I have always avoided saying "I can't" and now I am just beginning to say it because it is just simply the truth.  I have learned many new things about myself.  I have always been strong and unafraid.  I now know (after many rough patches) that I am still strong and brave.  I have learned that MS is painful, but by working hard and accepting the reality of my situation I can accept the pain but by thinking positively, and accepting the help and kindness offered to me, I do not have to suffer.  This disease has not been easy for me to accept.  I have even in the past questioned God about why this challenge has been visited upon me.  What have I ever done that was so horrible that He has chosen me to carry this burden?  After even more thought I have come to realize that I cannot ever know God's plans or reason solo it only seems logical to me that perhaps at some point, maybe when He first gave me my soul, He also ga e me a choice:  I can give you this disease or I can visit this hardship on your child.  Knowing myself, I am certain that it took me lass than a nanosecond to accept it for myself.  Now when my MS reaches a point where I feel I can no longer bear it, I thank God for the choices I believe we are always given.  I can even tink of MS as a blessing which I am grateful for.   Maybe these words can help someone who is struggling as I have.  Not sure if this is the right forum, but please remember to find something to be grateful for.
  • JenH
    Thank you for posting this. I have not been officially diagnosed yet, however I do have many neurological symptoms, I'll get to see a neuro late July. I fluctuate between so many emotions and I am trying to see this as a blessing, though I am having difficulty in trusting that my husband and children will be ok through all of this, how do I trust the Lord with that part? 
  • chinital
    I'm not really sure how you should cope. B/c I have not yet coped even through I have not been diagnosed yet, I have a strong family history of it. So that's how I feel I may have this disease. I'm 29 years old and I came straight out and told my feiends about MS so that they could know what to expect.
  • symbae1080
    I understand what you are going through. I was diagonosed with MS in May 2016 in I was enorolled in school during the spring semester of 2016. I did really bad that semester I did not know what was going on but after I finished the smester I checked myself into the hospital and I found that I had MS. I took the summer semester off but I enrolled again in fall after knowing what was going on and taking tecfirdera twice daily as a treatment for my MS. I managed to obtain an A in kinesi0iogy and a B in biology it was a really tough semester because I was up and down with my cofidence but I kept going and I came out good. So I suggest that you try a diffrent treatment and keep going over the material at least three times to do good on test. I don't know if you have but you can also try disability services at your school and they will assist you with accomadations that will help you get through your classes. I hope this was helpful and I belive it is possible for you to do great in school.
  • Wecandothis
    Coping is in and of itself a difficult thing to "learn" how to do. You'd think that in the grand scheme of things, we'd be equipped to process emotionally impactful news and move forward with all the benefits of having effectively digested the life-changing diagnosis. Ideally, we would have already used our many coping skills and we'd be on our way to feeling pretty good. It doesn't work like that. But there is a lot of support out there. I'm finding that communicating as much as you can at first about your story and your diagnosis help you to understand it better.
  • BethRNC
    I'm confused. How were you diagnosed before your lumbar puncture (spinal tap)?
    But as for "cog fog" I agree with others, Adderall worked wonders for me.
  • sonja85
    Hi Beth,
    I was diagnosed in 2013. I'm 50 now and it's tough. Im secretly feeling terribly inadequate at my job...with what I know now to be brain fog. I was so used to being so sharp at my job. Now Im afraid. My neurologist just increased my Provigil from 100 to 200 mg a day for fatigue. I'm not noticing a difference. Do you think I should suggest adderall?
  • BethRNC
    I'm confused. How were you diagnosed before your lumbar puncture (spinal tap)?
    But as for "cog fog" I agree with others, Adderall worked wonders for me.
  • jeol-mabel
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  • Chug
    Tell a friend you trust. You're going to go through the cycle dealing with MS. Find a support group. The people in the group know what you're experiencing . See if your doctor has a portal system . If the doctor is able to receive messages , you will have better contact. Keep your head up. You're not alone on this journey. 

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