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  • jmebb12
    Hi all, 
    i see a neurologist on Tuesday for a lesion on my brain and one in my spinal cord. I've read about the different vision problems people have had and that they mostly will eventually go away even without treatment.  I have been having blurriness and muted colors in my left eye for a long time now, I'd say in the months time frame as opposed to weeks. So does anyone else have continually vision problems? 

    Also, does anyone know of objective findings for optic neuritis (MRI lesion on optic track or any other finding the doctor will be able to see as opposed to me telling her)?
  • nursep
    It is all so variable. Yes, the MRI may show a lesion on the optic nerve, but you should still mention to Dr. As far as when the symptoms will go away? I wish I knew. My vision issues went away fairly quickly with steroids IV. The ringing in my ears though continued for a year and out of the blue one day while I was resting, the ringing stopped and everything was silent for the first time in a year. LOL Here's wishing you the best of health and good luck!. :)
  • delly86
    Hello, I too have had a grey spot in my right eye surrounded by a few blurry squiglly lines. It is very annoying because its located in the center of my vision even though its very small. I received an MRI of my brain that didnt show any lessions and also a complete eye exam that took pictures of my optic nerve wich also did now show any findings. Doctor said it might be just a "floater" attached to my retina and it will resolve in time...
    Best wishes, God bless.
  • johnjr1964
    Had optic neuritis my 2nd and 3rd attacks. Steroids IV treatment protocol and vision was back to normal, for my age, in a couple weeks. No lesions on the optic nerve but 3 on brain. The color drained out of right eye in one attack. I've heard the quicker you report this vision stuff and get on steroids to reduce inflammation the better the chance of returning to normal. That has worked for me in both instances. Stay strong.

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