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  • nicole-f-33
    Over the course of this summer going onto fall, I have noticed that my arms and legs fall asleep frequently. I can't sit comfortably, or bend my arms for long periods of time without loosing feeling & if I sit in that position long enough (which isn't long) I lose any ability to move my hand or walk. I went to my family doctor about it this October (thinking it was a pinched nerve because I have back pain that comes and goes) & he said it had to do with my central nervous system, so I am scheduled to see a neurologist on the 14th of November. he didn't say anything about what could be wrong so I decided to sit down and write a list of things that have made me feel off over the years and this is what I've written down: 
    1. Fatigue, completely drained of energy all the time (started feeling like this in my 9th gr of school) and the past few years it has resulted in me feeling quite depressed. 
    2. When I was in gr 9 (I am now 22) I began to notice my vision would black out on me, only moments at a time but long enough where I have to stop what I am doing until I re-gain it. 
    3. Dizziness to the point where I feel nauseous & have to lay down for an hour before I feel fit enough to take on my day. 
    4. Feeling off balanced/clumsy. 
    5. My feet tend to sort of drag, all my shoes have become scuffed and worn out at the toes and heels even after a couple weeks of owning them. 
    6. Arms and legs tend to get pretty twitchy, I especially notice this at night. I've also noticed that every once in a while my mouth twitches, especially when I am talking which happens to be quite embarrassing because I know people notice. 
    7. My family (and even I have noticed this) have pointed out how forgetful i am lately. 
    I've looked into what could be the cause and nothing really matches up quite like MS (I'm trying to not jump to conclusions and self diagnose... I'm more curious than anything) My great aunt was diagnosed with the disease at 19, and even though what I've read says that it isn't hereditary, my mother knows the symptoms and even mentioned to me that she was concerned it could be that. In April I visited my doctor, inquiring about my fatigue and dizziness issues and got blood tests for everything under the sun that could have been the cause but my organs & blood levels, ect. are all in mint condition. 
    Since my doctors appointment in October I've woken up with tingly legs as well as I've noticed that twice my legs have been numb feeling for several hours, which is a first. 
    I'm just looking for knowledge and advice from others who have had similar symptoms or know what the cause may be. It would be amazing if I could get some answers.  :)
  • maria1
    Hi Nicole, Scuffed shoes - wow- i thought i was the only person on the planet with that problem, polish didn't help.

    Since all the tests with the md are negative is that md referring you to an orthaepaedic spine person or a neurologist or any other follow up?

    Don't give up looking for answers. Everything you have written is familiar and can be caused by other things as well as ms but, since there is a relative with ms history, the sooner you check it out the better.

    Limbs falling asleep i always thought they were in the same position too long, even now i say that first to myself then simply adapt and get annoyed.

    MS now is controllable and manageable using the effort of taking good care of yourself as the priority, giving yourself as much relief as you can muster, letting everything else take second stage. It is the time to be selfish, because you want the best of life for yourself and only you can make that happen.

    Millions of us have lived through it. So make the plan to take care of yourself and let nothing get in the way. See as many mds as necessary until you find the answer or answers, it may not be ms or it may be ms combined with other things.

    Internists, allergists, opthomologist rheumotologist psychologist orthopaedist   ear nose and throat doctors    foot doctors  gp's all know me and probably some i have left out

    I have always been tired oh sleep neurologist too, so sleep apnea is part of why i am tired

    been wearing eyeglasses since 16 and when i need a new prescription i get dizzy and migraines, allergies make the same effect too.

    Like the combo dinner at the chinese restaurant one from column a one from column b.

    Best wishes and good luck. maria

  • laaalbers
    My grandfather died when I was 8. He had ms. And I have always wondered since about high school if I could have it. Since my high school years if I put any pressure at all on my elbow my hand would go totally numb (starting with pinky and ring finger) that was about 10 years ago and the numbness has only progressed. I've been totally fatigued for about 5 years.... and the numbness happen in my legs when I sit for more than a few mins on the ground or toilet. Major numbness, tingling non moveable and painful as it comes back to life. With my arms it's usually when I put any sort of pressure on it and almost all of my hand goes numb. And just last week (oct 2013) I noticed that rocking my 3 month old with his head on my shoulder made my entire arm go numb so it made me start seriously thinking about this disease even more! I'm very uneasy on the stairs and worry about falling. Any one feel the same before diagnosed or have different results with the numbness???? I do not have health insurance :(