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  • aroberson

    This afternoon I started feeling light headed, got really hot and clammy, legs got weak, got sick to my stomach, had shortness of breath, and got very tired.  This is the second time I have had this happen.  Is this a normal MS "thing" has anyone else had this happen?  


  • MS_Navigator_Robin

    Hi there,

    Fatigue and leg weakness certainly can occur in MS, but the scenario you describe doesn't sound familiar as a typical symptom of MS.  I think it's definitely worth reaching out to your doctors - primary care or neurologist, or both - to tell them what you experienced and get their take on it.  

    Hang in there and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else,

    MS Navigator Robin

  • hope2015

    It reminds me of what you feel like just before fainting (light headed, clammy, dizzy,weak) You might want to see your doctor (but don't drive yourself). Don't know the details but this is questionable but I'm NOT a professional what do I know

    Feel better.

  • maria1

    It is also allergy season, think you might have allergies? Bausch & Laumb makes allergy eye drops you might want to try them and see if they give you any relief.

  • ysteele

    Hi, this sounds very familar I ha those same symptoms last July. I was in the hospital for a week. and it was a couple of months before the syptoms stoped. do go see your doctor and tell him every feeling that you are having

  • looneybiz

    *Virtual Hug* Hard to say what it is. Sounds like something maybe you should keep track of. Try to think if there was anything that may have caused the attacks and definately talk to your doctor about them. Hope you get to the bottom of it! Being afraid of the unknown is ok because it can be scary. Just remember that most times there is a cause that once found out, can be avoided or treated.

  • evestarr1
    Hi aroberson. Just now saw your post. I get this every time I have an acute attack. I've talked to others here who regularly experience nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, trouble getting a deep breath, and wobbly legs. Yes, for me it feels very similar to fainting, with the sweating followed by the clammy skin. Every good authority on MS will tell you that there are as many varieties of MS as there are MS sufferers. There are so many variables! Lesions can form anywhere in your CNS, and with any combination of lesions at any given moment, your disease will be unique and will even surprise you over the years. Just because one specialist or a small group of people hasn't heard of your exact combination of symptoms doesn't mean it's not valid. That's one huge advantage of sharing our stories here: it gives us one large database of information to draw from, leading to a lot more support for patients and family members who take a sincere interest.