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  • michele712011

    Difficulty breathing from MS? Going up steps doing to much at once? And itching in one particular spit?

  • joynerthedad

    A number of sources say difficulty breathing from MS is very rare.  I would agree, but it is possible.  To me it would depend on whether or not the difficulty is from a 'tightness' in the upper torsoe area.  Please make certain your heart is OK first....then you might want to look into what people call an 'MS hug'.  I am by no means a medical professional... just bouncing around ideas hoping it will help.  Itching can be a pain!  Have a good weekend.

  • michele712011
    Thank you
  • cherokee2320

    Six years ago I started having the same issue (respiration/breathing).  Was sent to an allergy doc, heart doc, each said it wasn't allergies or heart and that I needed to see an pulmonary doc and that's who keeps check on me now. 

  • michele712011
    It turned out to be from MS?
  • hmickgarcia

    Okay, so weird itching... when I was having my last exacerbation, I had TERRIBLE itching inside my ear on the side of my face that was being impacted.  It literally felt like there was a bug crawling way deep in my ear canal, and the first time it happened I was sitting in a face to face meeting in the office.  I wanted to shove a pencil in my ear!  It has happened a few more times since then. 

  • michele712011
    I get it my right arm.. My right side is where I have the numbness and pain..
  • ashsimms
    Hi Michele, I'm going to try to give you some advice while at the same time please keep in mind none of us are qualified to diagnose or treat you esp. via the internet. The itching I can help you out with I get this all the time on my bad leg. If you have an area that's numb it can send these signals of buzzing or itching as well so no your not going crazy that's actually a symptom. Think of it like if you have ever placed ice on a body part for too long and it was cold and numb, alot of times it becomes itchy even tho there is no reason for it to itch. Our body takes damage to the central nervous system and when it does depending on where your damage is it will give you different symptoms (different nerve fibers that were affected). As for your breathing anytime you notice a change is your respiratory status you really need to call your doctor. This isn't something to wait on let them determine if it's minor or serious never try to determine that yourself. I don't mean to alarm you because this could be a simple fix or extreme fatigue. Just be sure to consult with them and mention the itching they have meds that are supposed to combat that now if it gets to be too much.
  • lmsquire

    Oh how I know the itching.  I would get it on the back of my shoulders so bad  that I would bleed from scratching them so much.  Not being able to sleep because nothing would relieve .  It would come on for a month and then go away for about two.....then come back again.  I went to the chiropractor (after seeing everyne else on the planet) and so far so good.  It really helped!  I go every two weeks for regular adjustments.  I am not saying it would help everyone but I think it helped me. Just throwing this out there.....


  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I always get the short of breathe symptom with my MS, mainly going up stairs, exercising or talking in a long or stressful sentence. I also have asthma though so it could be partly from that I guess. Besides shortness of breathe, lately I also get this whooshing sound in my ear that comes and goes.