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  • aesnewbie01

    I've been troubled with hearing loss for past five years. Also having assorted itching problems. Any one find out their hearing loss was due to MS?

  • maria1

    Were you diagnosed with hearing loss? Sometimes parts temporarily don't work with ms. My eyes didn't clear up til 7 years after optic neuritis.

    Itchy is fun isn't it. Wait til you get the bugs, I always swatted my arms an legs and when I ignored the itch there really was a bug.

    I guess that's my punishment for when I was a kid. I shared a room with my older sister and when she was asleep I would buzz by her ear like a mosquito til she would mover her arm to swat it. That was when I was incorrigible.

  • aesnewbie01
    I have permanent hearing loss but have not been diagnosed because I couldn't afford a hearing aid. It drives my husband crazy. Maybe a regular doctor could check it for me. Itchy is awful! First one spot then my scalp and yes now we live in the woods bugs too! I actually woke up and found dozens of ants in my bed this week. So fatigued I just squished them all and went back to sleep! You really were incorrigible. Karma's a B.
  • MS_Navigator_Carla

    Hi there!  I found this information on our website that I thought might be helpful to share.  Hearing loss and itching can both be symptoms of MS, though they are not as common as other symptoms.

    Hearing Loss

    About 6% of people who have MS complain of impaired hearing. In very rare cases, hearing loss has been reported as the first symptom of the disease.


    Pruritis (itching) is one of the family of abnormal sensations — such as "pins and needles" and burning, stabbing or tearing pains — which may be experienced by people with MS.

  • jo40
    I also experience problems hearing but is usually when there is lots going on like the TV is on and someone is talking, or when you're walking next to someone and they are talking to you and there words are carried on the wind. I have been checked out and my hearing is good but the problem lies with my brain trying to work out the words, I tend to smile or nod in bthe right places! However it does tend to annoy my husband and children on occasions!!
  • ellenmast
    I have bad hearing loss in my left ear.  It was so bad the hearing Doctor insisted I get an MRI back in 1988 after a bad bout of optic neuritis, even though my neurologist warned me against one (insurance issues).  That's how they found the plaques in my brain, but they said the hearing loss was something else because it's not asymptote of MS.  More recently, I was told that may be wrong, the hearing loss probably is part of my MS.
  • melissabridges
    Oh the itching is terrible.  Any ideas what to do for that?  Hearing loss, yes, mine is due to bells paulsy that I had last spring.  I find that my ears are sesitive to noise as well, do you?  Any my eyes to light?  Bells paulsy is what started up this whole mess.  Belssings to you all!
  • Ksome
    Three months after my diagnosis, I experienced asymmetric nerve hearing loss in my right ear. It's a kind of hearing loss that hearing aids cannot help. I was initially told hearing loss is not a symptom of ms. After my diagnosis of nerve hearing loss, though, I brought it up again to my neuro. She said, 'we always tell people hearing issues aren't related to ms so they will see an ear doctor, but this kind of a hearing loss is actually ms'. That was a frustrating tactic but I can't be too upset. The ear doc gave me oral prednisone and my hearing returned 97%. I'm so super grateful I can hear my son play the piano, my baby laugh, and my twins fight! Yep, I'm even grateful for that!
  • andiseals
    I'm late posting on this but in August of 2015 I went completely deaf in my left ear leading me down the path to my diagnosis. Was not my "first" symptom of MS it was just the first one drs had record of and proof that it was MS. It lasted for almost 2 months and came back about 80%. Now I feel it fading again some days but usually only for seconds or minutes. I was told by an ENT that I had MS before neurologist. He said it was very rare. Then seeing neurologist I was told the same thing. It rings too sometimes and I can hear nothing but this long toned ring.
  • maria1
    I notice my hearing changes, I get buzzing, hissing, ringing and weird sensations when I eat junk food, like some chocolates, some cookies, some breads, processed foods. See if what you are eating has an effect.
  • Cardinal07
    I've had a "blocked ear tube" feeling for about 20 yrs (only diagnosed in Oct 2014 with MS) but the doctors always chalked it up to a patulous eustachican tube.  Now, I wonder if that symptom might be related to my MS...  It comes and goes, but when I can't hear, it is frustrating and my kids hate having to repeat themselves!! :)
  • seclorum
    My flare up since Nov1st also had some of this, although instead of blocked feeling it instead had the tubes get stuck open.'

    Whislting noises and my voice echoing n my head was weird and annoying.
  • sna2164
    Hi :) I am not sure if the hearing loss you experience is the same as what I experience, but mine is not actual hearing loss but rather a problem with auditory processing. I had an MS attack caused by the flu and one day my ear just felt really plugged. When I first noticed that I could not hear well out of my left ear, I thought I had loss the hearing in that ear, but after some time and testing I realized my ability to hear would get better or worse depending on background noises, stimulation, and loudness of the sound. I actually "hear" fine, but when there are multiple noises competing with eachother I cannot process the sounds individually. This is a problem in my brain caused by an MS lesion, and not a problem with my ears.
    I also have itching problems that come and go and usually last months at a time and almost always are in the same places like my shoulder or lower arm. My doctor told me this is a common MS symptom. Take care! 
    I wrote about it here:
  • julieanne3564
    Hi, a couple of years ago I lost all hearing in my right ear. I didn't realise it was from my MS (diagnosed in 2008). After seeing my neurologist and audiologist there is no chance I can get my hearing back. A hearing aid won't work but one audiologist said I could get a transmitter for that ear and hearing device for other ear to receive sounds (sounds complicated doesn't it) but the cost would be around at least $8,000. I have decided to live with it.
  • jennybrownlee4
    I also have Menier's disease, or so the ENT says. I just got hearing aids this last week and I am hearing a lot less mumbling from my husband, who isn't here much., working in another city. I  wonder if my next hearing test will still show that I am not hearing well. If it is MS, it could go away, right? If Menier's it probably won't.
  • mackk312
    Hi, I had a hearing test about a month ago. The audiologist stated my hearing loss is do to nerve damage. They didn't say it was from MS I'm assuming that it is because that's what MS is nerves being attacked. I am getting hearing aids next week. I sent you a link where they discuss hearing loss. They say it's rare to have hearing loss with ME but I have balance issues and drop attacks. I was deaf for a year when I was 5 after which the hearing came back. To this day I have issues where if I take my glasses off it was hard for me to hear. I just found out I have MS this past April but my Dr thinks I had it for the past 10 years.
  • echobird
    Itching is a narm for most of us I think and yes bug crawling feeling is another issue that I dealt with for years I thought 
  • echobird
    Itching is a narm for most of us I think and yes bug crawling feeling is another issue that I dealt with for years I thought I had lice or mites but all the while it was just MS. Now I lost my hearing in my right ear as a kid and I was told that it was from my brother reving up his motorcycle in are bedroom we had the rec room for a bedroom. And I was also told it was from infection but truthfully I don't know what caused it. But I believe it was one of the first signs of MS as a child along with mental health issues and I was learning impared as well. I'm rrms and I go through the how sabang 3/4 of the time. I just try to get past it all as best as the rest of us.
  • dalfandre
    I was just diagnosed, so I have no idea if is this is MS related, but I have what I imagine electricity sounds like, kind of buzzing hissing. Sometimes it's VERY noticeable. I asked a doctor once, years ago, and he was just a jerk about it, so I never followed up...maybe I should have.

    I'm a teacher and I find that I often have to ask my students to speak up or repeat themselves. So, apparently my answer is yes, I believe I DO have some hearing loss.
  • DAVillain
    Prior to my diagnosis and for 3 years I experienced a low frequency 'hum' (more like standing near a refrigerator, it was approx. a 98hz tone) in one ear primarily, and pronounced during silence. This made sleep a challenge at times -though at odds with my fatigue.
    I realized, loud-ish sounds were enough to disrupt this 'hum' for a brief moment. Sometimes the 'hum' was so strong that no amount of external chatter would disrupt it. Other times, but less frequently, I experienced it in both ears. An audiologist deduced that my hearing was better than average for my age. 
    Ultimately, this persistent sound is what led to my first MRI. My report stated "distinct possibility of demyelinating condition" though my doctor dismissed it as "probably nothing" and "not likely related to the sounds I was hearing". He added in a dismissive tone "You can have another MRI in a year or two, if you really want". I was dismissed many times subsequently by other physicians regarding other symptoms before my MS diagnosis several years later, by which time I had accrued many more lesions and symptoms. As a result of my overwhelmingly poor encounters with primarily negligent doctors, I am distrusting of a physician's judgement as a general rule, for better or worse. I sympathize with your experience in this respect and hope you have better medical care today. I do beleive there are good doctors out there, though I have seldom encountered them. No doctor ever really acknowledged let alone attempted to explain my strange sound-related ongoings.
    I am of the opinion now that the reason why my ear was "humming", as it were, was because my Stapedius muscle and/or Tenso tympani (middle ear muscles middle_ear_muscles_wiki ) were spasming in the absence of stimuli (in this case, moderately loud sounds). Considering these muscles are responsible for contracting involuntarily when a loud noise is encountered Acoustic_Reflex_Wiki, I am inclined to believe the presence of loud sounds (as described above) temporarily disrupted the 'hum' by providing the stimulus that provoked a contraction of these muscles, thus disrupting its oft spasming state. In fact I would often click my tongue just to produce a sound loud enough in my head to disrupt it and give me momentary releif. Needless to say, this drove my wife nuts at night. I liken this to how my legs will twitch most when at rest (ie sitting), but less often when in use (ie walking). It is also possible, of course, it may have been due to nerve damage itself as many have suggested about their own experiences (or some combination thereof). Of course I am not a physician, and this is all semi-educated conjecture.
    I do wonder if your buzzing responds in a similar way to external sounds?