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  • andiseals
    I have dealt with MS symptoms before diagnosed without knowing it was MS but what led me to be so concerned to get tested this past year was me going deaf in my left ear. Our son had his first birthday with a cake he could smash. My husband thought it funny to smash some on me. In the process some got on my ear. So a few days later when I noticed hearing issues I was certain it was cake... Trying all over the counter methods with no success I went to local clinic who thought it was clogged eustation tubes. No success in allergy meds for 5 days had me at an ENT for hearing test. After failing it showing them I had nerve damage and complete hearing loss in left ear they ordered MRI as they where worried about it being a benign tumor behind the ear only to find out i was 22 with MS. They referred me to a neurologist for actual diagnosis as it wasn't his place to diagnose. Both ENT and Neurologist acted as if my loss of hearing was soooo rare. It was only gone for almost 2 months but not hearing well caused me to feel lost and unbalanced... Am I really a rare case? Have any of you experienced this? My hearing is back about 80% but some days I lose it all over again for seconds or minutes... Its scary to not hear with children.
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello andiseals,

    MS can vary so much from person to person, but in general hearing loss is a less common symptom of MS with about 6% of people with MS reporting impaired hearing. Please check out this link for more information about hearing loss and MS. I hope this is helpful.

    Warm Regards,
    MS Navigator Stephanie