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  • roro37
    does anyone else have head or face numbness
  • seclorum
    I did for a little bit after my first 'attack.'

    Was super annoying with it turning my nose and eye super itchy when I could feel them.
  • lizzybell
    Yes.... Right side of face,jaw,eye, gums.........
  • Anthony-
    Left and right side tingling/ numbness... Fuzzy feeling . 
  • jyarborough
    left side om my face is numb and I have dry eye in my left eye. The weirdest part for me is riding my bike to work on cold mornings. Only one side feels cold.
  • hope2015
    Yes.. left side affected more than right. My whole head feels like on novacane?sp(how your mouth feels after the dentist). Is this new or old, if new sensation have him call his MS Dr. as it could be a flare up. When it first happened I was biting the inside of my cheeks as my mouth was numb (and that hurt)thank God that doesnt happen anymore.Be careful of hot or cold (shower,beverages) as you can't really tell with the numbness. Its weird, the facial /head numbness why do I feel like there are bugs on my face or head at times. I hope it subsides as many things do but its just one more ms issue to incorporate into life. Sounds like he is fortunate to have you.