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  • lil-one
    I have a question. About two weeks ago the left side of my face went numb for no apparent reason its been numb sense, then about a week ago i started feeling off, like i was consistently high or something. I was just curiouse if any one here has experienced this. In the past i have had many diagnoses, for random ailments but no one can pinpoint why im having them. I have a neuro appointment in a few days, but would like to just get insight.since i have never been diagnosed with ms.
  • oldhippie
    I would like to be able to give you an insight to this, but I myself have never this in my face, but in my right foot and leg and am still looking for an answer. All the doctors tell me the same thing "I can't answer that" so is it MS I cerntantly hope it isnt. Let us know.
  • lil-one
    I will. I really hope not too, but it is in my family, Cousins and aunts. So on top of all the other problems, one eye randomly and cosistently swelling to the point of losing vision, joint pain, consitent urge to pee,fatigue it seems to all tie together in my head. Because in your early to mid 20s being healthy by all tests this isnt normal.
  • jesse-leingang
    Don't worry too much about it. I also have the same high feeling and my entire right side is numb. It scared me at first also, but i was assured by my neurologist, it all comes with the territory of the MS for some.
  • lil-one
    Im so sorry. I have never been diagnosed. So it is alittle alarming. But one they ruled out all brain tumors and aneurisms im a little less alarmed.
  • connief59
    I had the exact same experience with my face but the next day my entire right side was numb. Mine went away after 3 1\2 weeks but my life hasn't been the same since.  I have had the CT and MRI, VEP, nerve conduction test and all but the MRI was "within normal range" so I still have no diagnosis.  Ive had random nerve pain since and fatigue.  My neurologist wants to wait for another "event" before diagnosing.  I have found peace with my crazy life knowing that whatever ails me, at any given time, will pass.  I have another MRI scheduled for November.  Best of luck to you!!
  • lil-one
    How frusterating for you. I am sorry you are going through this,  I hope you get answers soon. Thank you for your response, although not exactly the same it is helpful. 
  • beaurylancambria
    I feel high a lot of times, its just the new normal. As far as the numbness in your face, that happened to me, but also it was paralyzed. It looked droopy. This was what caused me to go to the ER. I thought that I might have had a stroke. My only other symptom was fatigue. I was at the ER less than an hour when they told me it was probably MS. After a week in the hospital, MRI's, CT scans and a spinal tap they confirmed I had MS. There were lesions on the right side of my brain causing the paralysis on the left side of my face. I had two days of IV steroids and within a week it was fine. I dont know if this is what your experiencing, but I hope it helps.
  • lil-one
    Yes it does help thank you. The high feeling makes me scared to drive and I feel like a space cadet. For me the numbness is like I had a doc sneak in and shoot me up with novacane, my muscle function is still there though. I did go to a gen prac doc right away, and they didnt find anything, but did diagnose it as trigemic neurolagia.  It would make sense that something is going on on my right side of my brain because usually all my problems happen on the right and not the left. I guess I just have to wait and see what the neuro says. 
  • TheBillLarson
    Sounds like you are on the right track, going to see a neuro. It seems most anything can be chalked up as a symptom of MS, but it definitely is best to get the professional opinion. Do know though that the road to diagnosis is not an easy one, as the neuro system is incredilby complex. That coupled with differing medical opinions of the same thing can be maddening. Don't let that bring you down. You started on the path to figuring out what is going on, be sure to stay the course and complete it! Whatever the diagnosis may or may not be, you deserve to get the answers to the question of what is going on with you. Maybe it is MS, maybe not. Maybe it is a fluke, or maybe not. What I learned with the road to my diagnosis is that the common path is to rule out everything else until one thing remains. So many of the symptoms of MS are similar to arguably identical to those of other medical conditions they have to rule out the other possibilities to substantiate a MS diagnosis. That is exactly how it worked for me. They tested for and ruled out every other possible explanation before settling on MS. I got lucky and my road to diagnosis was relatively quick. Others here have stories of things dragging on for no apparent reason. Point here is that the road to whatever diagnosis is appropriate for you may be a long, winding, difficult road. I sure hope it isn't, but know that it can be.
  • lil-one
    Thank you, I did see the neuro and he is not ruling out ms, however he is not sure the cause, he thinks it could be a migrane or lupus. I had blood tests run and  am sceduled for an mri next week, so we will see what that shows. It is very frusterating because I know something is wrong but on the outside I look fine, however my symptoms are starting to slowly go away, I can feel my face again YAY! well at least most of the affected side, which is good. And I am only getting woozy when I try to move around too much or drive too long, not all the time. So overall that is good, Maybe you are right maybe it is just a fluke or I contracted a weird bug, or something completely different. Thank you for being so kind and taking the time to respond to my post.