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  • Rimell
    I was wondering if anyone has a lot of pain like I do specially back pain it is very annoying for the most part but it can get so bad at times that even just sitting down hurts....I actually hope that I will not find a lot of people that are bothered by this type of pain but if there is anyone out there please let me know how your managing even just the daily activities Thanks Rimel
  • jlpfcee
    I had severe left shoulder and left back pain for 5 years.  Nothing relieved it.  It would feel like someone was sticking an ice pick in my back.  I went for Botox shots.  The first set of shots relieved the back pain -- that was 9 months ago and it is still good.  The shoulder area is taking a little longer -- I have had shots 3 times now (you can only get them every 3 months) -- but it is much better.
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello Rimell,

    Pain is a common symptom for people who have MS. I included some links below that I hope will be helpful.

    Pain: National MS Society

    Pain: The Basic Facts

    MS Navigator Stephanie
  • Rimell
    Thank you Stephanie.... I will contact my neuro and pcp today.