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  • mspenny1
    I am so fatigued, I've tried provigil but did nothing
  • MS Navigator Jess

    Hi mspenny1,

    That's probably one of the most frustrating symptoms, isn't it?

    Here's what we have on it, maybe it'll be helpful: 

    MS and Fatigue


  • Stacy10
    Provigil worked for me initially but wore off after awhile so I gave it up.

    I'm now taking Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and love it. My neurologist suggested it. (I was like, "Wha,..? Seriously?")  It doesn't help that much with physical fatigue, but it's helping a lot with mental fatigue. And somehow with the mental fatigue lifted, the physical fatigue doesn't seem so bad. I'm also more motivated to do stuff. I can think clearly for at least 6 hours a day! I'm thrilled!

    I'm on a very low dose (5 mg) and fast release as opposed to extended release. My doc and I might decide to titrate up from there. The concern is 2-fold (3-fold?). I'm super sensitive to meds. I have insomnia. And I have a bipolar diagnosis. So starting small was the recommended way for me to try this. The fast release wears off in time for me to be tired at the right time and so far no mood swings, so I'm optimistic.

    Fatigue is awful. I hear ya.