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  • lveglatte
    Hi,  I've heard people talk about vertigo on here, but I don't know exactly what it is. Is it different than normal dizziness? I am dizzy a lot, but don't know if it's vertigo. Sometimes I get a feeling of spinning, especially in crowded places like shopping malls. Is this vertigo? I know I'm not crazy, but these feelings are very hard to expain to people.  Any input would be so appreciated. Thanks, Linda
  • Stacy10
    Vertigo is defined as:
    plural vertigoes, vertigines 
     [ver-tij-uh-neez] (Show IPA). Pathology.
    a dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings or of being in tilting or spinning surroundings

    Vertigo is a very hard sensation to explain. I suspect is the word given to many of us by our neurologists as coming the closest to explaining what we're experiencing. I have trouble in crowds because I tend to lean towards anything in my peripheral and become disoriented. Dizziness, I believe, is more a function of eye/brain communication and vertigo is more of a neurological event.

  • beaurylancambria
    I get dizzy quite a bit, however, when I had vertigo it was different. It was more like a drunk feeling. So much so that there were several times I threw up. I took OTC motion sickness medicine. It took the edge off, but it didnt make it go away. It lasted for 6 weeks and it was horrible. I called my neurologist right away but by the time they could get me in, it went away.
  • dawnkarlie
    Hello! My name is Dawn and I was just diagnosed with MS about two weeks ago. The whole reason the MS was found was because I was feeling the same "vertigo" that you described. Since the first of November I've been having these episodes, while walking, even short distances, where i would suddenly feel like the floor was moving... Not really dizziness, it's like when your drunk and the walls & floor move with you being stationary. I find it hard to explain. With these episodes I've passed out numerous times. If I don't imediately lean against a wall, a table, door frame, or sit down I will pass out. Once while getting gas, walking from my car to go into the gas station I passed out right in the middle of the parking lot... My family Dr didn't have a clue what it was and sent me for blood work, which led to a brain MRI. The mri showed an alarming amount of lesions... I'm now waiting for a ton of test results ordered by a neurologist... Hopefully the results will come back and she will start some type of treatment to stop this.

    I feel your pain, If you ever want to talk about it, or any othe symptons, please feel free to email me!  I'm sorry this is soo long, I hope you feel better... I'm new to this so I hope I'm not doing something wrong or offending....

    Dawn (