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  • MichiQ
    I can type fine but I have a hard time writing penmanship.  It's like my hands won't move to make the letters in cursive.  Print is not great either but is better than my cursive.  Does anyone have this problem?
  • robertjon
    Yes, my cursive use to be quite smooth and flowing, I was pretty happy with it. Not so much now, it looks jaged and sloppy. My print was never anything I was happy with. With the keyboard I'm slow and seemed to have forgotten how to spell!
  • cjtmn
    I actually lost my ability to write using my dominant hand during my last flare. Thankfully it eventually resolved! During that time, however, an OT encouraged me to use pencil grips to make the writing instrument fatter and easier to hold. It really helped. The smoothness of my writing took time to heal, but the grip enabled me to gain enough control to be able to write legibly for short intervals.
  • Stacy10
      I have a great deal of trouble with dexterity in my dominant hand. I've taught myself to do almost everything left-handed now (eating, using a mouse), but I'm slow learning to write with my non-dominant hand. 
  • 90ragtop
    My wife wasn't diagnosed with MS until 2006, but in 1995, she completely lost the ability to write with her dominant right hand.  This obviously was the result of a flare up of her her then-undiagnosed MS.  She had to teach herself to write with her left hand, which is still what she does now, 24 years later.