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  • g-buda
    Hour 5 of bladder spasms. The pain is immense and urge to go feels like fire. It is really insane how this works. I know I don't need to go, but due to bladder spasms I do go. Then seeing that the spasms don't quit, makes my mind think I constantly have to go and reminds me with the non stop feeling (tingling )and intense pain that I urgently need to use the rest room. Then weather its a stream or just a drop, the burning stinging pain of my nerves trying to stop it and trying to go at the same time is paralyzing. I have this issue for some time now and experienced many episodes, but this is the worst and longest relapse so far. This one I have no words for except may be one."indescribable "
  • robertjon
    Wow, I couldn't imagine having those extreme bladder problems! My bladder problems are limited to getting up 3 times a night to go pee, a weak intermediate stream usually. My 2 cups of morning coffee causes me 4+ trips to the bathroom. During the day, I'll pass up misc. fluids because I don't like having to go to the bathroom so often.Since I've started Rebif, I make myself drink at least a pint of water a day, that's many more trips to the bathroom. I can clearly see my bladder problems are nothing compared to yours! I wish you well Brother, have a blessed day, Jon
  • g-buda
    Thanks man! Yes I drink over 14 glasses of water per day and am still dehydreated. My stream is always super slow and on top of that have to wait a minute to make sure my bladder is empty otherwise I will have a accident. I don't wake up at night to go which I am more then grateful for. Sorry to hear this from you. Be careful at night with our balance issues being sleepy and in the dark all not good combinations. Plus if you are like me I'm born a cluts so that would just add to the excitement. Lol Thank you for your support and for sadly relating to this story. I wish only the best fir you my friend. Stay blessed.
  • debbrown511
    Hello! I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing these bladder issues. Are you on any medications? I've been taking Ditropan (oxybuynin) for my bladder problems, and it has literally been my saving grace. I would constantly feel the need to go, then when I did go, there was hardly anything, and it was PAINFUL. That went on for 2 weeks! However, since starting the Ditropan, within 2 days I was back to a normal bladder. It might be something you can ask your doctor about? Hopefully, that will help!
  • g-buda
    Thank you for your insight Deb! Yes I am currently on flow max but apparently need a change. I honestly did not think there were more choices. I am calling my urologist tomorrow. Thanks again dear friend. Have a blessed sunday and stay well warrior!
  • Stacy10
      Sounds a lot like a urinary track infection and/or a bladder infection. You've been posting recently about some bad flare-ups. NOTHING sets off MS like bladder/urinary track infections. They can be fairly common for us because of difficulty fully emptying our bladder. Last year I had 3 in 6 months. Have you been tested for bladder/urinary track infection recently?
  • g-buda
    Hi stacy! Yes I have been tested about 3 months ago and was fine. I do retain 90 out of the 100 in my bladder even on meds so I really am not to sure if what to do. Thank you for caring and sharing your insight. Stay well and blessings my fellow warrior.
  • Stacy10
    A lot can change in 3 months. Maybe you should get tested again?
  • g-buda
    Thanks I'm making a appointment with my urologist today. Again great insight thank you.
  • zormier2002
    I am so sorry that you are going through this. I have the issue at night where I have to go three or four times. That is annoying enough so when I hear your story I cringe. I pray that you find the cause, a medication or a solution of some kind soon! Have a good night. 
  • g-buda
    Thank you for your good wishes zormier I'm hoping maybe a med change and like stacy said get testing for uti and bladder infections. Sorry we have this in common so annoying of a symptom. Stay well my friend.
  • skyraider56
    I hope they ruled out bladder infection?! I have frequent nocturnal urination which take forever to empty and chronic pain. I recent had a bladder infection and I thought it was MS. Take care. I hope you get control of it. It is tiring getting up at night 3-5 times.
  • g-buda
    Thanks skyraider. I am scheduling a appt. With my urologist today so we'll see. I'm on flow max to help empty my bladder. Still its a slow process every time. Then whatever this is seriously is a hour plus before i feel safe enough to leave the restroom. Then only to go back in within 10 minutes. The stuff we go through lol. Have a nice day and thank you for your concern.
  • MS_Navigator_Carla
    I'm really glad you're calling the urologist today and hope you get some direction. Ouch!!! I'm sorry you're going through this.