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  • maria1
    Well, so far, I have had an mri of my neck - no signs of ms, just herniated discs. The doc has me scheduled for another mri of my back and a nerve conductivity test. I asked if the herniated discs might be causing the problems, he answered yes, and said he would refer me to a surgeon for possible surgery on my neck.

    ​Since the other mri's and nerve conductivity tests I have had done have come back negative, I expect the new tests will also, and that the problem is with the discs.

    ​I went on line, googling: exercises for herniated discs, because I am not a fan of surgery, not that i dont think it is a good tool, it is just that I dont think I will be fortunate enough to get a great surgeon who will be at his peak when I am cut open, or because a surgery i had on my hands more than 25 yrs ago, still are felt on an off - probably only because the nerves are still remembering.

    So I found an exercise: Press your chin to your chest and hold it there for ten seconds, then release.

    I started trying the exercise yesterday once or twice, and today felt the effects in my back, like my spine is being stretched. So I shall continue with the exercise, in the hopes i will get taller (silly me) and notice a difference in my arms and hands, cause i dont want surgery, and i do want relief.
  • bubbadog66
    Hi Maria...thx for your reminding me that doctors are people too and can have a bad day and have us cut wide open during surgery!! You just never know if a surgeon or one of their team had a "fight" with their significant other just before work, so to speak. I started PT last week and OT today...I feel the "burn" doing the exersices and i notice in just a short time there are benefits in doing it...i don't believe it is a "hopeful thinking" thing. I'm a relief seeking missile these days especially, so simple exersices to me seem in a big picture way better of a solution than a pill or surgery could or would be. Less side effects or possibility of complication, far less risk. Obviously exersices might not always be the best solution for long term care for specific things that occur. I 100% agree that the easier softer way might just be the best solution at times and worth a shot...there always seems to be time to check it out because scheduling surgery and/or going on medication usual has a timeframe that leaves "free time" to entertain the easier softer way that exersicing might be beneficial before or in addition to the "medical" alternatives. I'm learning they call it "practicing medicine" for a very good reason! Thx for your post.
  • leeza
    I'm sorry Maria for your lose and discomfort. I still can't help but wonder if the MS monster isn't to blame. Wishing you well
  • Vera
    I hope the excerise helps; though I tried most everything before finally having ACDF surgery. It worked and was the best thing for me. My problem was between the 4-6 discs, which were compressing on each other, along with spurs as well. Nothing like a pain in the pun intended. 

    Also, thanks for the information on the earth shoes; I ordered a pair and really like them.

    Take care, and best wishes for being pain free.
  • maria1
    Vera, Thanks for reminding me about the negative heel, I have been barefoot or with slippers and earth shoes would also give me a relief. Duh, memory is a wonderful thing when it works.
  • onefintwofin
    Ah, hang in there. I sorta know how you feel.

    I have just discovered I have arthritus/bone spurs in the cervical area of my spine.  Old injurys coming to light. Woke up one moring to intense shoulder pain radiating down the the elbow. I thought it was an MS attack, but turned out to be something entirely different.

    Prednisone really helped knock out the inflamation and pain.

    The next question is what has been causing it.

    I first got a new bed which helped but then looked at my lifestyle over the past few years with MS. The fatigue, etc. has made me much more of a couch dweller than ever before.  Laying down on the couch, with my neck propped up on a pillow to see the laptop or ipad screen more than ever these days. Sorta one of those ah ha moments.  

    I have found excerise is so key for us with our condition.  

    Hope all is well.

  • maria1
    Yes onefintwofin, I do not sit anymore, 'laying' ha ha is my protocol. What are the exercises you are doing. I would rather try them first! before cutting my neck open. Thanks.
  • onefintwofin
    Get in the water. The pool/ocean has been amazing for me.  For some reason the stimulus of being surrounded water has really helped.

    Look at your local YMCA's etc. for some programs and see what they offer and ask for discounts.

    It's been extremely therapeutic for me.

    Wish you well.
  • maria1
    onefin... we have a pond BUT, and there is a lake near by BUT,  it is said that all the water in MO has ecoli, so I aint goin in. There is no Y, just cows, we do have a hot tub and it does feel better. i am doing the press the chin to the chest and hold it for 10 sec. I am going to the basement to hang up, on the inversion table to see if that helps, but it hasn't yet. I just gotta figure out how to hang my neck?? Thank you, I know water is great, wish we had a pool, and an ocean. Still tryin to figure out hw to swim in the dirt? 
  • maria1
    Yesterday had the mri of my spine and nerve conductivity tests. Got a call today from the neuro, the rest of my spine is fine. The herniated discs in my neck are not normal for my age. My response was that it was probably from when I fell down the stairs when i was in my 20s. We talked about the fall and he seemed to agree. The nerve conductivity results wont be in for at least a week. I mentioned that the doc yesterday said with the herniated discs in my neck that i should not be lifting more than 10lbs, the neuro totally disagreed, saying I could lift ten lbs in each hand/arm.

    ​So the good news is : IT IS NOT MS  causing the difficulty.

    ​The neuro also said if i lost weight, I would be feeling better. And when the rest of the test results were in would determine if the disc problem would need surgery. Maybe exercise will be sufficient if i lost enough weight (that should be some motivation, keeping my mouth shut seems a better deal than letting someone cut open my neck.)

    ​Now all I have to do is keep my mouth shut [I hope] and lose seven million pounds.

    ​The nerve conduction tests were the pits, electric shocks and needles with shocks had me twitchin and twernin, giggle.

    ​Oh, I will also use tools to open heavy bags of stuff, like for the gardens, and scoop out what i need instead of trying to lift the whole bag, a good use for those enormous water jugs they give in hospitals that dont fit into any holders, big useless advertising things, will now be scoops, to save the arms.

    If there is any change I will post it. giggle.
  • maria1
    Got the results of the lasts tests today, ulna neuropathy, the nerves on the elbows and wrists are trapped, not enough for surgery. Suggested I use a can of beans in each hand bring the can up to my chest bending the elbow, the bringing the beans out to the sides of my elbows, the regular flexing stuff you see them doing on tv.  So, again, IT IS NOT MS.
  • maria1
    Some things take forever.

    ​Went to see the surgeon last week but forgot to bring sme test, had to mail them and wait for a response.

    ​The surgeon says the herniation in my neck is unremarkable and typical for my age, also is not causing the problem. Besides that, my medical issues are complicating.

    ​Could be RA (no eliminated that), could be problem with blood circulation, could be a problem with my heart.

    ​Another chapter in the ongoing saga, giggle.
  • maria1
    The trip to the hand surgeon also found nothing wrong with my hands.

    ​The cardiologist found a slow heart beat 50 versus a normal of 60 or better. Next month a stress test eco blood and another test. May be getting a pacemaker.
  • maria1
    The cardiologist found Class 1 Diastolic Disfunction which he says he sees in people who are 60 so I am doing great at 70.
    Neuro had bloodwork and chest xray done - they too are fine.
    ​Next is a trip to a rheumatologist, just looking for relief.
  • maria1
    Ah, the saga continues. The rheumatologist says not a problem with his speciality but recommended an ultrasound of the arms and to see a vascular surgeon. That will happen in October with an additional ultrasound besides the one done today. What was fascinating about the ultrasound was that the blood flows in and out in the same vein at the same time, duh, didnt think about that, wonder how that happens?
  • maria1
    So here it is October, the vascular surgeon says all is okay as good as it gets.

    ​Maybe it is because I am so overweight? maybe it perhaps it is ms? maybe it is all in my mind? giggle. But now I give up searching for answers. If I am fortunate enough it is an ms symptom and like some others it will disappear in a few years. I'll just keep doing whatever I can, and 'forgetaboutit' what I can not do. (ha ha) Just another day in paradise.

    ​Been to enough md's had enough tests, traveled plenty of miles. I feel better when i am not in the car, much worse when i do, so my hands will just be my hands, however they are. The best effort has be fought. Now my goal is to keep myself amused and to laugh as much as possible.
  • maria1
    update: now on liquid hemp oil three times a day and have enough relief to do some things around the house. The doc today said I probably dont have enough neurons(wikipaedia describes them very well) to overcome the fatigue from using the arms. Some people ahve difficulty with their legs with ms, and some have problems with their arms and hands. So i went through all those tests and doctors to prove there was nothing left but ms. Just amother day in ms world, giggle. As long as there is relief from pain, all is gooood.