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  • ebdms
    Has anyone else experienced this? I sometimes smell car exhaust? Really wish it could be chocolate chip cookies baking, or flowers, just something a little more pleasant.
  • annixandra
    I know what you mean I get mold smell/ taste (found it's particularly present when eating potatoes) I smell flowers on rare occasions (haven't in years) smell chery pipe smoke, heating metal ( like when heaters are warning warming up kind of smell even when metal isn't around me) I think the most unpleasant is the smell of dog ***** (I don't own or interact with dogs and haven't in years but still know the smell and smell it on ocation at work ( I work alone so it's not a coworker) it sucks it really does but like every thing else to do with me some days are better than others hope you stop smelling it or atleast get a more pleasant smell soon
  • MS_Navigator_Ashley
    Hi Ebdms, I took a look to see if I could find any information about odors or sense of smell being impacted by MS.  I was not able to find any information indicating that this is a symptom.  You may want to report this occurrence to your doctor for help in determining the cause, as not everything is directly linked to MS and something else might be causing this issue. 

    MS Navigator Ashley 
  • maria1
    For more than two years, everything smelled and tasted like tuna fish: roses, pasta, coffee, you name it, ugh. Now every time I open a can of tuna which is rarely, I remember, double ugh.
  • jeannef1
    I would smell cigarette smoke when no one in the family smokes and my granddaughter smelled an electrical burning smell
  • thole_4
    Yep. Almost non stop. I cannot even explain the smell/taste

    almost like a rotting meat... nasty. 
  • devons1972
    I've smelled burned toast on several occasions when no one is cooking.  Thankfully it passes quickly, but I wondered if I was the only one too.  
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