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  • onefintwofin
    This was a big worry for me and wondered if I would be stuck with short plane trips only.

    Well, I just completed one of the longest plane flights  you can do.  Los Angeles to Cape Town, South Africa.  10 1/2 hour flight from Los Angeles to Amsterdam.  2 1/2 hour layover in Amsterdam.  12 hour flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town.  25+ hours of travel.


    I only had one instance of a completely numb leg that I was able to move around and wake up.  

    No fatigue issues, unfortuanlty, it would have been  nice to sleep the whole time, but I get exhilarated traveling.  

    I did go to the back of the plane about every two hours or so to stretch for about 10 minutes.

    Biggest take away.  Go for it.  Don't let MS scare you in not traveling.

    What did get me.  Eating fast food burgers when I got home.  The double double from In-n-out made me feel aweful and sent me into fatigue for a full day.  

    I was eating healthy and a ton of fish in South Africa and felt great along with lots of walking.

    Our American food and lifestyle is definitely a culprit to MS at least for me.  

    Get out there!

  • MS_Navigator_Carla
    I hope you had an amazing time in South Africa!  

    And for anyone thinking of traveling, these are some links from the Society's website that might help your planning:
  • tg_skibum

    I have over 2 million air miles in my career and traveled extensively.  Frequently I would fly east till I got home.

    Things you should do while travelling:

    (1) Our company provided a drug kit with anti-biotics and other medications for stomach bowel problems.

    (2) For sleep on the plane, I opted for Benadryl in lieu of Ambien.  Ambien has way too many side effects.  I did not like waking up in a hotel hallway in Wroclaw.

    (3) Plan your trip with enough time to recover before going to meetings.  Flying from JFK to Mumbai and having meeting at (:00 am the next morning can be a bad idea.

    I hope it helps.