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  • angelasg
    Hug my a**. I call it the "crush". Does anyone notice that while it can come any time in any position, it's worse sitting up or standing? I have not been able to do either without intense pain for 5 weeks. During this flare up I'm also feeling like I'm on a boat ALL the time. It's not technically dizzy, it's a constant rocking motion in my brain. Even when I'm sleeping it can wake me up. This is the fourth episode I've had of that over the years. Just wanted to commiserate. -A (ms 10+ yrs)
  • breezer
    I too get the rocking boat! Fortunately, not the hug. It has happened 3 different episodes now and lingers for a couple of weeks. I also get tightening in my chest at the same time, like Ive pulled a muscle in my heart
  • Melly
    When I first started having symptoms a couple of years ago I was having some tightness in my chest accompanied by breathing difficulty. At times it was so bad I swear it felt like I had an elephant sitting on top of me! Lol I went to the ER once with chest pain, they did all of the proper tests and it turns out thankfully that it was not a heart attack. I haven't felt that in well over a year. I don't know if that was the "hug" I was experiencing or not, but looking back it makes me wonder. Now the rocking boat sensation, yes, I feel that way every day to some extent. My neurologist sent me for testing at the ENT balance center. At that time the feeling was intense everyday. The technician that did my testing told me there is no way I am dizzy every day all day. I so wish I would have stood up to her. Anyway, it's not as bad as it used to be. But it is there every day! Oh yeah and I have dreams that I'm on a boat or that I'm spinning out of control. Although it doesn't wake me up. Good times!

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