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  • sammarch
    hi i was recently diagnosed in January (RRMS) and have not had a relapse since. I have been feeling healthy and good, although I have been stressed at school, and going out alittle too much.. sunday i woke up not being able to  talk all and a sore throat. I went to the wellness center and they said I have laryngitis and a sinus infection and put me on ammoxicillin. I know I am being a hypocondiact but I have not gotten better at all since then and can barely still talk-which is something that I really enjoy to do! 

    has anyone else had voice problem due to their ms?
  • april9517
    So MS causes a lot of infections to linger due to the fact our immune systems are weakened by the disease and any medications we may be on or have been on. When I get sick it can last a month or two before symptoms go away espescially stuff like Upper respiratory infections and tonsillitis. i would schedule an appointment with you primary care and then go from there. A lot of time wellness centers are quick and only try to quick fix problems
  • maria1
    Since you have been on antibiotics consider getting onto a probiotic with at least five strains, to replace the good bacteria in your gut.