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  • yungin051
    Can people still smoke while having ms
  • Stacy10
    Loaded question.
    i was a smoker for a long time. I LOVED smoking. I loved everything about it but the cough. 
    Of course you can smoke. There's nothing stopping you. But you may want to be aware of the research connecting smoking and worsening MS. That's in addition to all the other proven risks of smoking.
    I tried quitting many times. Nothing worked until I found vaping. I've been a non-smoker for over 3 years. 
    Good luck. 
  • onefintwofin
    I can't believe you people are still smoking.


    I 'm a former smoker and think smoking is the BIGGEST factor that contributed to my MS.

    First you have to realize we are ADDICTS and always will be. Similiar to Heroin and Oxy.

    I was an addict from birth, one parent smoked in the house/car. I started buying packs early, around 12 or so, and I got addicted instantly. Chewed Tobacco for times to mix it up. Finally quit in my 30's but have relapses here and there. I have one cigarette and boom, I'm back to a pack a day.

    When you relpase you feel great at first, you feel like your old self again, but then my MS symptoms get stronger and I start down that black whole.

    Cold Turkey is the only way.  It is a bitrch but it works.  Also follow  Amazing resourse.

    Go Cold Turkey Tomorrow. Start as soon as you wake up. 

    The biggest factor is cleaning all your buts around the house, get them in a trash bag and dispose of them the night before you quit. That night as you have your last smoke, submerge what's left over in your pack in the sink and throw them out.

    I like to quit on Monday which is trash day.

    White knuckle it the first 4 days, day 5 gets better, then better there after.

    It sucks but you can do it.

    Nicotine should be Illegal.
  • bcavos
    Do you see you symptoms get worse with vaping?
  • onefintwofin
    Regarding the vaping issue...This is a great research idea. 

    I’ve quit smoking or in cessation at this time so there’s no way I want to get near Nicotine regardless of the delivery method.  

    I do vape MMJ, high content CBD and regular pot. I only smoke pot about once a week at most, so it’s not a good correlation to puffing down 15 cigarettes a day.  I don’t feel dragged down or feel like I’m spiraling on a quick downward path at all compared to cigarettes.

    Though I do despise Nicotine, I think carbon monoxide along with the combustion and heat have major affects on us.  With the carbon monoxide, we are reducing oxygen to our brain, sorta like embalming our brain, maybe triggering shut down sequences thus the cytokine releases and imbalances.  Our cytokine imbalance is what makes us feel fatigued, weak, and sore all the time.  Nictoine constricts the brain too.  Double Whammy.  

    Remember Vaping Nicotine - you are injesting one of the most addictive chemicals in the world.
  • bcavos
    Do you see your symptoms flare up when you vape?
  • onefintwofin
    I see what you are getting at...but I can not condone anyone with our illness even vaping tobacco products.  That smoke you coming out of peoples lungs when they vape tobacco is very different than pot. Real or true vaporizors produce barely any vapor, you cant see or fell it.  There is zero combustion.  

    The other hard part is that I smoke pot maybe once every two weeks, im just not that big of a fan, so no comparison with a nicotine addict who needs to smoke or vape all day long.  

    Sorry, ex smokers are mean about it.  It’s our survival mechanism.  
  • onefintwofin
    When I do vape CBD or even smoke it I do not feel a worsening of my symptoms, exact opposite in fact.  
  • bubbadog66
    Smoking...hmmm...loaded inquiry. The Surgeon General warns of the risks to "healthy" people on every pack so it makes sense that smoking with MS is "extra" bad news.

    In my case being extremely challenged with newly diagnosed status my doctors and me discuss this very issue often. I'm riddled and overwhelmed with extreme anxiousdepression which we are sure smoking is not helpful, but is helpful at the same time to help cope. Quitting smoking is on my bucket list of changing everything about myself in my journey from here to there. Currently it is suggested to me that right now is not the time to quit, i've got plenty on my plate of life without adding that kinda additional stress. In my case it would be an extremely bad decision to cut that leg off my bar stool of life that is teetering with missing legs as it is. Anti-smoking and logical extremists insist my decision to still smoke knowing what i know now is extremely stupid. Yet the black and white mindset of these people exists because they do not know what they do not know. They do not walk in my shoes so how could they understand!!?? I personally know the challenges and implications of quitting smoking so why would i do that to myself TODAY!?

    Sure, it's a no brainer...quitting smoking now would drastically help better my physical state, as challenging as quitting is. On the other side of the coin quitting smoking NOW would result in greater difficulty emotionally & mentally. That kinda stress would more than likely fuel an enhanced physical decline. That reasoning is MY own personal demon to face. Good news is it is not black & white, all or nothing, to me. I'm openminded to the benefits of not smoking, especially with having MS!! I can take action to reduce the amount i smoke until i get there from here and have room on my plate of life to add quitting all together to my treatment plan. I will be stabilized enough to interject the kind of mood swings involved with that kinda self care and come out graceful enough to achieve the quality of life where the final payout will further enhance that quality of life...that is truly a no brainer to any educated person who opens their eyes and considers the big picture.

    That's just my two cents worth and beliefs concerning the subject that is so politically motivated. I use cannibus to treat my MS but that is "illegal" in many places because it "hurts" people...smoking hurts people and once we become adults it is totally legal to slowly kill ourselves doing it....hmmmmm....gotta love this world we live in!! 
  • beaurylancambria
    I agree with bubbadog66! I am a long time smoker. Is it good for me? No. My MS is triggered by stress. Smoking helps keep my stress under control therefore I feel my MS is being controlled in a way Just like being med free, the choice and consequences are mine.
  • maria1
    I went to one of those stop smoking sessions offered at a local hospital, one point they made was when you went to inhale you were taking a very deep breath. So consider taking a very deep breath instead of inhaling and see if that makes a differene for you.

    ​My mother smoked five packs of cigarettes a day, my father two, the house was always filled with smoke, so of course I followed in their footsteps but for only a pack a day for 44 years. Some habits are hard to break especially when they are repeated dozens of times a day.

    ​An mri I had on my head showed a hole in my brain and they said it was from smoking, I never realized smoking had an effect on the brain(duh) so some of the things I can no longer do is because of smoking and not ms. 
  • MS_Navigator_Steven

    This is Steve with the National MS Society. 

    Here is a link to information regarding what research has shown about smoking and MS:

    I hope this is helpful!  Take care!

  • celestegreening
    I understand your thinking about smoking. I wondered if my symptoms would lessen in frequency/intensity. I asked my neurologist (who I will not name) about this and his answer was a very quick and firm NO. I was suprised and very happy, I then asked why. He said to quit smoking would put me through a huge amount of Stress. We know how stress is devistating to MS. I asked him to hand write his decission and to sign it. I knew all of my other doctors knew and respected him. I made copies for each of my doctors while showing them the origional I still have. You need to decide if you are willing to go through the stress and what comes with it.
  • onefintwofin
    This is very sad.