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  • claire11
    Hi:) I'm twenty years old and for a while now I've been experiencing a lot of tingling in my face. I have floaters in my eyes and see traces of light all the time. The other light, my feet started feeling weird and I saw a green dot across the room and then I felt like I was on acid because I would move my hand across the air and I would see five shadows of it. Accompanied Sometimesmy eyes jolt and feel like they just shifted five feet. I have severe upper back and my arms are always tingly or numb. I have throat and chest pain but don't know if that is due to how much I smoke. I don't know what's wrong with me. I always feel off or a little weird and I don't know if it's because I'm super anxious about now knowing what's going on inside my body. I feel like a lot of people don't take me seriously because I am a hypochondriac, so whenever I am dealing with something real, I have to go through it alone or with constant judgement or reassurance that I'm "fine". There's no way this can all be in my head. I'm also on antidepressants, topirmate, and vyvanse. Thanks for listening
  • bubbadog66
    Have you seen a neurologist and/or eye doctor yet? If not get your PCP to refer you to one or both....better safe than sorry! 

    For many years prior to my diagnosis i was told that nothing is wrong with me, "it's all in my head". So i know all too well the anxiousness of all the uncertainty...knowing and feeling that SOMETHING is not right with me. For years i struggled with the mind games, the insanity, of invisible "MS symptoms". Even today i get told i'm "fine" when i know something is off!

    You're the ONLY one who can and will be assertive where YOUR health is concerned!

    Just know that you are not alone in this...MS or no MS... many MS symptoms mimic other illnesses...that's the crazy insanity of it all. Smoking might be it, part of it, or nothing to do with it
    at all to justify your difficulties that make you feel "off".
  • jackbijou
    Be assertive when asking for help. Make sure you find a doctor who takes you seriously. I have been diagnosed just today. I knew it though. And all it took was 2 doctors who were dedicated to my case, pursuing answers. At least push for an MRI. Brain, cervical, thoracic. Medicine has come so far that there isn't much to be afraid of, for a positive diagnosis. Most medications prevent symptoms, relapses, lesions, etc. Best wishes.
  • ovi99
    Claire, your concerns are very real. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  I am a neurology resident at Duke and would love to share my opinion:

    Is it possible you have MS? Sure it is almost always possible with neurological symptoms.  MS can present in a variety of different ways.  A Brain MRI and a physical exam by a neurologist is really the best to know for sure. The other comments are absolutely right that you should get a referral to a neurologist. 
    But there are other possibilties.  Anxiety can cause many of the symptoms you are talking about, including the numbness, tingling, and floaters.  In particular, throat and chest pain are more suggestive of anxiety then they are of MS.  If you have a history of anxiety particularly with medical symptoms, this is a possibility that you should keep in mind.
    It is also worth noting that your symptoms can be caused by the drugs you are taking.  Topiramate is known for causing tingling and making you feel off.  Various anti-depressents can cause tingling as well.  Vyvanse can make you vary anxious and exacerbate these symptoms.  

    But most importantly, it is impossible to know if you have MS until you have been examined by a neurologist and had a Brain MRI.  I just want you to be prepared that its possible these symptoms may be related to your anxiety and medications, and may not be signs of MS.  

    I wish you all the best, and hope you feel better.