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  • Velva
    My daughter was diagnosed with MS last month, her first symptom was vertigo. She had a spinal tap right before Thanksgiving and has gone down hill from there. She got the spinal tap headache and now they've turned into migraines. She is so exhausted that she just sleeps all the time and now she has started throwing up. She also had 3 days of the intravenous steroid last week. We haven't gotten much response from her doctor so we have another appointment with a new doctor next Tuesday.  We are so scared right now I guess my question is, is this normal with MS??? She has been sick since October 17. 
  • beaurylancambria
    MS is different for everyone. I can tell you I felt bad for about 5 months when I was first diagnosed. I had vertigo for 6 weeks, and would also throw up. The good news is, it hasn't happened again, and that was over 2 years ago. The fatigue comes and goes, but I do find, that if I give into it and lay around, I too could sleep all day. My advise to her, is to try to run her life as she did before. It certainly takes a while to adjust, but a pretty normal life is possible.
  • Velva
    Thanks for the info! Did you take medication for the vertigo or did it go away on its own?
  • beaurylancambria
    I took Dramamine. It wasn't a miracle solution, but it definitely helped some.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello Velva,

    MS is different from person to person and symptoms can vary over time; however vertigo and headaches can be common symptoms of MS. I included some links below about those symptoms and it includes information about possible treatment that i hope will be helpful for your daughter. I hope your daughter's appointment with the new doctor goes well and you get the responses you need.


    MS Navigator Stephanie 
  • Velva
    Thank you for the information!
  • april9517
    I have awful fatigue and have suffered with migraines since I was 7. If I didnt work it is possible I would be sleeping all the time. I also think maybe the steroids are effecting her. I am unable to take steroids anymore from how they affected me. the drained all my energy dropped my pulse and made it very difficult for me to even walk. I would definitely go and see her PCP though. it is important to go to your doctor- not just your neurologist, to rule out all problems. Hope she gets to feeling better
  • Velva
    Thanks for the information!!
  • gabrielle519
    I wish you could talk to my mom because she went through similar circumstances with me. She tried to do anything to get me up and moving. I will tell you I slept all the time not only because I was tired but it was a time where I could escape and not feel the symptoms. My suggestion is not only see a new doctor but get her on some medication to stabalize the MS. Then its all up to your daughter because it might be a fight. I had to fight I went through physical therapy and I went to see a psychiatrist and psychologist.

    I worked very hard I went from sleeping all the time and being unable to walk without holding on to something. Now I work full time, live alone, and am enjoying life. It took me a few years to get here but it was so worth it.

    I do get migraines and I do get sick sometimes if the pain is that severe. My migraines are brought on by stress though and I know that one is coming when I have a lot of stress.

    Some of the things I want you to know from my stand point something I wish someone could have told my mom. You can't see all the symptoms shes feeling. You need to advocate for her because sometimes under that much pressure it is hard to advocate for yourself. Thanks for listening. I both of you good luck. Please encourage her to join this website and talk with people who can relate to the struggles she is going through. Also thanks for being a great mom! Gabrielle
  • Velva
    Thank you Gabrielle! She is feeling a little better today, hopefully we will get a few more answers with her new doctor. We have started the paperwork for her medication.  I've told her about this website, it has really helped me understand things a little more. It's nice to talk to people who have gone through this and know we're not alone! Thanks again!

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