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  • lauragriffith
    I have had MS for 20+ years and have been struggling with balance and back pain since 2009.  I have tried everything and every type of physician from PT, acupuncture, massage therapy, Orthopedic surgeon, pain management with spinal injections, and every kind of over the counter apparatus I could try to find some relief and nothing ever worked for very long.
    Nothing worked well or changed anything until I found Balancewear technology.  Motion Therapeutics has designed a balance vest made specifically for you and weighted for your personal needs.  It was created by a PT in California named Cindy Horn.  No drugs needed and it works immediately!  The vest has taken away my back pain by keeping me in my neutral position.  It's ingenious!  It is basically retraining my body.
    If you decide to look into this further or bring it to your Neurologists attention, all I ask is that when asked who referred you, you give my name Laura2.  Also... the key to having insurance actually pay for this is to have the doctor include that you are having back pain as well.  (For whatever reason if back pain is included with balance problems, then insurance will give the claim merit.  Ridiculous, but this is the world we live in).  If you or you doctor have any questions I'm happy to help.  Email me at and in the subject area place the words Balancewear vest.
    That's it and Good Luck! 
  • capitolcarol
    And this really works!  I have three different back braces that I alternate using.  But, if your thing works that would be great.  Thanks.  I'll look into this for sure.