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  • Nron
    For a couple years now my ms has been in the forms of migrains and pain on my sides and my lung copacity is now at 56%. Well the pain gets to me a lot. I have a fear that id od on pain pills (ive done it once or twice before by accedent). When it gets bad i tend to forget things alot and forgetting that i take meds and take more and more. Nothing seems to help either. I try my best to function and do what i can and be strong for my family. And then i end up in the hospital every other week for breathing problems or pain. I have my fear of becoming addicted any pain pills or that i would od on them again. But i also am scared that my lungs could give out on me as well. I feel like im alone and pushing everyone i care about away i dont know what to do about anything anymore
  • maria1
    Nron, there are two posts in Treating MS : Re: Pressure headaches and treatment, and Take Charge of My MS.

    ​The Re: Pressure headaches and treatment has a  proccess for eliminating headaches. Doing the exercise whenever there is the beginning of a headache or other pain will with precision, eliminate them. I use to ahve headaches all the time now I never have a headache. It has been years since I was miserable with a headache.

    ​In the Take Charge of MY MS there are muscle relaxation exercises and relaxation techniques towards the fourth week. Deep breathing and muscle relaxing will give you some relief.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Nron,

    I'm sorry to hear that you'r experiencing so much pain- and you're right to be concerned about overdosing.  I'm glad to read that you are getting medical attention when you think you need to, but worried that you're having a difficult time. Have you talked with your doctor about your concerns with your medications and dosing?  Always feel free to call us if you need someone to talk to- we aren't doctors here, but we would be more than happy to provide support. 1 800 344 4867.

    MS Navigator Jess
  • bernicestockstill
    I think I saw some threads here about this