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  • izzy222
    hi everyone,
    Ive had ms for a few years now, but I’m experiencing pain and numbness in my wrist for the first time. Is this normal
    or do I need to tell my doctor? 
    Also any suggestions that might help with the pain would be helpful. 
    Thank you(: 
  • maria1
    izzy, is it your dominant wrist? have you bumped it recently? carpal tunnel? eliminate all the simple answers before the doctor asks the same questions, then make an appointment with a doc. I had a hand surgeon test me for ten different things, and saw a slew of specialists, and had tons of test, to eliminate everything but ms, fun.
  • izzy222
    that’s crazy.. I think it could also have been from lifting heavy weights at the gym but idk why that would make it all numb, the pain also comes and goes. It’s not my dominant hand but it is all in the wrist and the pain and numbness will travel to my fingers and up my arm
  • maria1
    I forgot to mention, I have a cousin who goes to the gym every day and works out, she looks great for 68, but is now taking hemp oil in an attempt to avoid surgery on both her wrists for carpal tunnel.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there!  I'd say yes, definitely tell your doctor.  It's possible that it can be due to MS - pain and numbness are both common symptoms - but as Maria indicates, it could be something else.  A doctor will have specific recommendations for the pain, but we have some general guidance on MS-related pain on our website:
  • shiloh
    I've had the same thing happen to me. It comes and goes and now the tips of my fingers on my middle and ring fingers of both hands are numb. Since I have PPMS, the condition will stay, but it might just be a relapse for you.
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I was diagnosed with MS in late July of 2017 after a brain MRI came back showing lots of MS lesions and a spinal tap came back positive for high amounts of elevated protein 'o' bands. Due to the amount of lesions & 'o' bands, my neurologist believes I'd actually had MS for quite some time. Every day I awake pretty much with hand numbness and pain, & no imprints to suggest that I slept on either hand. I was diagnosed via EMG test with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, here's a link to some info on it Click for info. I however believe that some of my hand numbness, fatigue and pain is caused partly by MS as well. I often get the pain & numbess all the way through my entire arms. I get the feeling like I can barely lift my arms at times they are so tired. So what you're experiencing could be some form of carpal tunnel but it could be also from your MS. It's tough to say which so I'd suggest you see a hand doctor as I did. In my case, I was injected in both wrists with lidocaine and cortisone. Unfortunatley, while it did help with the hand pain & numbness initially, the effects of the injections pretty much were null & void after like 3 months. I'd also suggest perhaps an EMG test, in my case, my neurologist gave me the test himself. I am really trying to avoid carpal tunnel release surgery (one of my 3 older brothers had the surgery on both his wrists, on the same day, which they normally don't do). He's fine after the surgery but I just don't like surgeries (I got through my spinal tap fine though). Also since I'm pretty certain that it's not just carpal tunnel but it's also MS related, who knows if the surgery would do me any good anyway. You need to find out for your own peace of mind and for your health if it's either carpal tunnel, ms related or both in regards to yourself.
  • gabrielle519

    I would tell your doctor just for the sake of telling him. It could potentially be the MS. I get pain sometimes too. I also had numbness in one of my hands when I got bad but ther steroids cleared that right up. I just contribute it too the MS but I'll let my physician know at my next appointment or shoot her a message. I take over the counter pain relievers and use heat to relieve it. Hope you wrist feels better! Gabrielle
  • capitolcarol
    You are supposed to notify your doctor/neurologist whenever you experience any changes.