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  • rbroughton68
    I have very itchy skin all over my body. My skin is not dry it just itches and tingles constantly from my head to my toes. My skin feels hot and I sometimes want to peel it off, sometimes my cloths hurt. 
  • maria1
    It wont make you feel any better. I dont wear jewelry or anything tight. I gave up bras about twenty five years ago. Baggy clothes all the time even looking ugly doesnt matter. The itch wont last forever, wait till you get the ants crawling up your legs, you will be swatting just in case they are real. Isnt this fun!
  • rbroughton68
    The first thing I do when I get home from work is take off my bra. I love my baggy cloths and live in my sleep pants when I’m home. Yes, it’s joyous!
  • Avatar
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  • gabrielle519

    I itch a lot everywhere. I am on meds for the tingling. I still itch. I hate wearing bras. I'm used to my rings. I wear a watch that doesn't bother me most of the time. I have bad days though. Where my skin is overly sensative. If I touch it hurts.

  • maria1
    gabrielle, have you checked the side effects of the medication you are on? itch may be ms, may be allergic reaction to meds, may be???? something else, laundry soap. I am allergic to most laundry soaps especially Tide. food allergies too, coatings on pills, fabrics too, I mostly wear cotton and must sleep on white sheets or i feel like I am choking. Got animals in the house? how about carpets that are wool? See, there is a can of worms with every symptom, now all you gotta do is eliminate all of them, then you fish with just a hook.(the 'devil' made me say that)
  • gabrielle519

    Thanks for the advice I kinda just live with the itch I might slap some lotion or aquaphor on at time if its bad. I think it might just be dry skin. I don't get a rash or anything of that nature just itch. I have dogs but could never give them up they are my world. LOL. Gabrielle
  • lorisvenson
    I get the same itchy and burning feelings. I have noticed it is more pronounced when I eat sugar or drink alcohol as well as with some antibiotics. When I limit those things it doesn’t bother me at all. Try to notice if it bothers you more with certain foods or things you ingest and then try to limit those things. It’s worth a try.