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  • DR2018
    I dont know if this is a symptom, but it is of concern to me. My intestines like to shut down on me. This happens when I travel mainly. From what I have read, that is quite normal. However, when they shut down when I am not traveling concerns me. They will shut down anywhere from 3-7 days. This is painful. A lot of pressure in my lower abdomen. It also really concerns me because I start to have intestinal bleeding. I have had a colonoscopy, a ct and an mri of my abdomen. Everything is clear. 
     It could also be something else as well. I had a hystarectomy. They found endometriosis, one dead ovary, one live ovary, ovarian cysts, my uterus was more than 2 times the normal size and the endometrial tissue actually caused scarring that fused my cervix to my rectum. They had to leave behind the part of my cervix that was fused to my rectum. But, the gastro didn't find anything. 
      So I was wondering if anyone here had the same problems with their digestive tracts?
  • maria1
    What I eat has always been an issue for me. Meat is solid so solid that I eat little of it and when I do eat some, I mix it with plenty of fiber. Onions celery garlic salads. Soup is a preferred meal for me, though I love cheese and pasta. Oats are good too. Fermented vegetables are good and yogurt without sugar both put good bacteria back into the bowels. Probiotics do too. Since I dont make fermented vegetables and seldom make yougurt (most of the stuff in stores near me are filled with sugar which kills the bacteria) I take probiotics every morning. Walking also stimulates the intestines to evacuate. So I havent had any difficulties in years. I also drink plenty of water with every meal. I never drink soda, water, coffee, tea. mostly coffee in the morning and water with all the supplements, then h2o the rest of the day, if i am cold a 'spot' of tea.

    If that doesnt help, consider visiting a health foods store and see what natural supplements they have to offer
  • MS_Navigators

    Some bowel problems can be a symptom of MS.  There is more information about this here: 

    It does sound painful. I hope you get some relief very soon.

    Take care,
    MS Navigator Carla 


  • april9517
    I get like this often. I started Magnesium vitamins for my spasticity, I take one most every night, by the time i wake up i am ready to go (and badly) I have found now i take it more as a laxative then just for my spasticity. If i find I am on the opposite side of that spectrum i skip the magnesium for the night so i am not on the toilet for hours. You could try  it as well and see if that helps. Before I would be backed up for days and would even start to bleed. Good luck! I hope you find something that helps