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  • deelo
    I am a 70 year old lady, happy family and life. More than 10 years ago I had a bout of optic neuritis which I was told was often an early sign of MS. I had an MRI that the neurologist said also showed the characteristic bright spots of MS. The neurologist said she couldn't make an absolute diagnosis which I used as an out to decline going on the meds at that time. Until recently I never had another symptom that I could relate to MS. In the past couple of years I had a couple of instances of trouble walking. These always cleared up quickly(within hours) and didn't recur.

    About 10 days ago I had an involuntary arm tremor. It terrified me. By the time my husband got to the phone to call 911 it had passed. We then had the overdue conversation about MS. We have a great dedicated MS practice in town. It takes about a month to get an appointment AFTER a referal from my PCP. She won't refer without having a current MRI which scheduled for 2 weeks from today. Meanwhile I am having the tremors 2 /3 time a day and just really frightened. They only last less than a minute with no pain or after effect but still scary to me. 

    I'd appreciate any encouraging words or advice.
  • gabrielle519

    I'm am so sorry you are going through all of this. Tremors must be scary expecially since you are not sure what is causing them. There are medications that might help with that. Maybe it's time you said to your PCP you know I don't like these tremors. Can you please put in a referral so I can make this appointment with the neuro then if the MRI is ok I can cancel.

    Sorry I'm a nurse and I really get annoyed when doctors make life more difficult. I understand her reasoning but that 2 weeks for the MRI. Then after results the PCP has to send the referral. Then you have to wait for the first appointment. I just think that is a lot of stress on you. Anyway good luck!

  • maria1
    Hello dee... Let us assume that you do have ms and that you have had it for more than ten years. Waiting a month to see a neuro is no big deal, because, they will do tests to prove it is not ms or to prove it is something else.

    In the meanwhile, as you wait:
    are you doing repetive tasks for long peroids of time, like rolling out dough for a whole day, or hanging drapes, or slicing every vegetable in the frig? We, us with ms, have learned to space tasks. we can no longer do the same thing for hours on end, it stresses the nerves which stress the muscles. Being afraid has the same effect. Relaxing is the better alternative. Deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxing techniques are more important than getting a diagnosis, another because, is if they say it is ms, and they want to give you drugs to control it you will have to endure all the side effects of any of the drugs, and part of the side effects even if there are 'none' is the strangeness your body will be feeling with new stuff that you have never 'tasted' before which will be more for you to adapt to, and you will still have to learn how to relax and give your muscles a break, only you wont get to know what is your body or what is the drug, they will both be new.

    But, this is just from some one living with ms for 50 yrs and on drugs for more than 25 and am now off drugs and enjoying who I am and not who is me with drugs. Spend as much time with you, becasue no matter what drugs they will give you, even if you dont get a disease modifying drug they will give you a drug to control the muscles and that will alter who you are.

    Consider alternative therapies, vitamins, nutrients, supplements and reading all the posts here that you feel are relevant, before you get to jump off the ship, into the water of the medical maze. Becoming part of the medical system is also another challenge, wait wait wait, maybe maybe maybe.

    And ignore everything I have communicated, trust your feelings and do what YOU feel is the right thing to do, because it is your body and you have to live with the ultimate decision, and with yourself for making it.

    At 70, like me, we both know more about life and how to make decisions, that benefit us, than any of the young folk, just because we have a few more years experience. Being 16 with ms is not the same as 70, we know what is worth worrying about,VERY LITTLE. maria
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    It sure is difficult, patience that is. In the end, I hope you do get the answers you seek. I luckily was diagnosed rather quickly in late July of last year (brain MRI came back positive for lots of MS lesions as well as my spinal tap results showing high amounts of protein 'o' bands). As it turns out the results for me revealed I've likely had MS for quite some time. You're MRI you initially had, I believe should have been followed by a spinal tap (aka Lumbar puncture). I assure you the spinal tap procedure is not as bad as it sounds. Before the spinal tap, the neuro should also order a series of blood work to rule out Lymes disease for example. I'm also gonna recommend you see this article on other conditions to rule out before the dx of MS can be made, to read it CLICK HERE. I hope that will be of some help to you, knowledge is power. I know you're scared, as anyone would be. I assure you, you're never alone in this, the members of this site are always here for you.
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