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  • blschaar
    cognitive impairment surprised me, and has been the most devastating.  Anyone like to discuss these challenges and
    coping strategies?
  • maria1
    Wrong again! seems to be my song. It's like always being asked a question and always coming up with the wrong answer, and really believing that what i am saying is accurate. Before the internet I would spend hours looking for an answer to prove I was right and then, wrong again. Self doubt became the norm. Double checking and triple checking myself and even then, not being sure I am square with reality was all I knew to do. Facing the fact that my mind was playing tricks on me and that it was not me, duh, who else could it be, duh, it wasnt me, it was my mind. Oh well. It took a very long time for me to grasp that one. My partner and I use to bet back rubs on who was right, I think I owed hime a hundred forty six of them before I gave up believing I knew waht was fact instead of fiction. So, I aint the brightest bulb I use to be, or sue to think I was, maybe I wasnt after all, jsut thought I was, giggle. Mind games help somewhat, there are plenty online to test the brain. Finding ways to adapt are satisfying in themselves, how better to do a job, how to remind myself to do something, how to forget that things use to be easier, jsut another day in ms land. Adapting is better than feeling sorry for myself, changing how i do things, how I see things, how I feel about things, less serious and more silly, anyway to ahve fun with what i have, giggle.
  • blschaar
    I agree regarding the humor!  I name phenomena I see-like typing the same word twice before and after a word- I call it bookending. Example: Jane went to the store yesterday store.
    Just funny at times. Last night I substituted the word “family” for “flu”. Maybe Freudian, or they
    both starry with “F” hmmmm
  • MS_Navigators
    Thanks for starting such a great discussion! The National MS Society has a wealth of information regarding cognition on our website, including a brochure on managing cognitive problems.

    Click here: Managing Cognitive Problems

    Warm Regards!
  • ylimenna
    I work in a fast paced stressful environment and always did so well until two years ago. I will think everything is fine and then catch a mistake. I look back at the mistake and wonder what the heck I was thinking. The mistake is always out of character, like someone else made it. The mistakes are not very often, but I worry about my future. I am two years diagnosed with rrms but have had symptoms for at least 5 years. 
  • blschaar
    I had same exact work experience!  I would look back on some typing or work and it seemed an alien did
    it.  How could I not see it?

     My pain management doctor helped me one day when he said, “you only know what you know “ Boy, did that change how critical of myself I was. It’s the disease!

    I think worrying about our future is a natural human response.  What sometimes calms me is that NO ONE (even healthy) knows the future.  Day at a time, but it’s difficult!
  • marniemoonlight
    Numbers have become my enemy.  Simple accounting that once was so easy frustrates.  Words sometimes don't come out right.  I also will hear words someone is saying, but it can be as if they are speaking another language.  It takes a bit to process.
  • blschaar
    I attended a MS ‘Advances’ seminar last night.  The NIH presenter did an awesome job of showing how HARD our brains are working-explaining the fatigue- our brains have to use a lot to compensate.
    Numbers, words, articulating-so complex and the loss of how
    easy it was, is true grief
    i think we are hard on ourselves (I am!) over things we don’t really 
  • capitolcarol

    I have the same problems too.  I used to be real good with numbers, but not anymore.  I try to fill in forms in a database using numbers and I have to proofread it like four or five times to be sure.  And then trying to balance the checkbook is way difficult.  I have to do it over and over again until I get the right numbers.
  • capitolcarol
    I have the challenges, but no coping strategy.  I was forgetting and not remembering things, but now I am having trouble deciding what to do or trying to make a choice.  I literal think I am losing my mind or something.  I can't think of how I am going to cope with this.