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  • sign543
    Gah, the list goes on. I never knew all of these were connected until MS. I was always misdiagnosed with other things....cervical issues, chiropractic issues, etc. but with no relief. I just ignored it as best I could, and was told to “get over it” by family and friends. Fear of social events was the worst. I still prefer being alone, although I am *not* lonely. I teach school, attend my support group, and participate in hobbies, art, drawing, READING, art, READING (ha!)...and staying stimulated with a variety of teaching ventures. Symptoms began interfering with daily life the most in the past 2 years...I teach elem and college classes...and the tremors just made life miserable. One of the worst things is when family and “loved ones” don’t understand, don’t try to, and expect me to just “snap out of it”. I’m sick of the “advice” from people who don’t really care...they just want me to live up to their idea of what I should do on a daily basis. Anyway, I’m rambling. Boy did I need this group!
  • maria1
    Sometimes 'they' really do get in the way of wellness with their preconceived notions of what is really going on, it is amazing we can muster any energies at  all. 

    Rambling seems to be sorta like cleaning out the closets, the whole house can breathe. 'Let's keep playing those mind games together.'