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  • Summer1
    Anyone experiencing severe vertigo? This morning I woke up and everything in my room looked as if it was spinning around from left to right.
  • BettyB
    Not currently, but this was my first symptom - ER visit, drugs to help the nausea, MS diagnosis & steriods 
  • Summer1
    When were you diagnosed and have you had any other symptoms or relapses?
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Summer1,

    Here's a bit of additional information about MS and vertigo:

    Dizziness and Vertigo

  • BettyB
    44 at diagnosis and have been mostly light with symptoms (5 years).  Recently working through cognitive issues and working half time as a result.
  • echobird
    Oh heavens to Betsy yes yes yes!!! And when you try and stand up your legs want to fall out from under you.
  • joeysdad
    Hello Summer,  vertigo is what I was originally diagnosed with. Then I had an incident at work where I passed out and ended up in the ER and my wife decided it was time to see a Neurologist who ordered a brain MRI which I found out after she was looking for cancer as I have had Melenoma in the past. That is ehen she found the lessions. But yes, I get dizzy quite frequently!