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  • echobird
     Ok I have a new one besides my falling a lot now it feels like the room is spinning and getting dizzy from it. If I try to move my head from one side to the other it gets worse been getting weaker and falling asleep allot more or sleeping more. Been eating plenty and drinking water and orange juice along with insure and coffee. My legs won't work right I can't hold myself upright to even pee at times I have to use a urinal for fear of falling. And its worse after only being up for a few hours. I usually get up early because at the nursing home if I want a shower I get in by 5-5:30 at the latest. I have to get in there daily because of bladder issues. I use depends at night. But like last night I forgot and soaked the bed and myself pretty badly. But also if I want to be able to move or walk I have to get one in the morning. But within an hour or so I'm not able to walk much more I loose feeling of my legs or I should say they don't want to work right. Having balance issues as well.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi echobird,

    This is Steve with the National MS Society.  I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with so much!!  I wanted to provide you the following link which will take you to information about dizziness and vertigo as well as information on possible treatments: 

    I hope this is helpful.  Take care and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.  The link below will take you to information on the various ways you can connect with the National MS Society.

  • echobird
    Hi Steve it's from migraines I believe as well as the nurses. My brother actually gets them too. But by last night I was so mest up I couldn't even ***** up without falling over and I started throwing up. Today I'm still feeling pretty bad and have all the lights off.