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  • ellekate91
    Lhermitte’s sign and also constant pin and needles but it’s not as intense as pins and needles . thought I had a UTI because I could go to the toilet and was getting zapped down low not a UTI but wasn’t going toilet properlly. Then i figured it was every time I put my head down I was zapping. Zapping getting worse I have upbeat nystagmus mri 6 months ago normal.  B12 fine hurt my neck somehow, had an X-ray, Nothing. my nerves aren’t doing me good in the last 4 weeks anyone have a normal MRI and then have MS. Started wearing glasses a year ago but it’s on and off so I hardly wear them. I also have been tripping which has been embarressing  thinking I’m not watching my step which still may be just that. New to this group. Any stories stories similar would love to hear. App next week. 
  • echobird
    I've been dealing with it as well been pretty bad makes my left arm and leg jerk up in the air. As to the tripping that could be drop foot witch I also have the physical therapist at the nursing home I'm at said that they can make something for it. A brace like thing. Don't let it get you down you can be a lot better once you get that brace. Now the electric shocks u go through I don't know I used to go to this one chiropractor and believe me it did help back then. But it's been so long that I don't know if anything can make a difference anymore.  Also does your vision seem like you are looking through a grey fog at times or like someone smeared vasoline over a pair of glasses? For me I get floaters black dots as well as shooting star's. But it usually like when I get too hot or stressed that causes it or if I've overdid it.
  • ellekate91
    THankyou for your reply and advice i am not to bad at tripping it’s only been around 8-10 times I recon in the last 2 months I have not fallen over so been thinking  im clumsy. I have had twice maybe for 4 - 5 day at a time felt like I had Vaseline over my eyes like I got something in it not in last 4 weeks since all these nerves firing very distracting. I hVe black floaters  but I think they are the ones everyone has. And get double vision. This all could be to do with me needing glasses though. Those shooting stars don’t sound to good I wish u the best.
  • annie63
    I,too get shocks.   Whenever I move my neck.  They are so severe that I become paralyzed and fall.  I used to wait and get myself up.  
    8weeks ago I fell and injured my right side .  Now I cannot get back up.
    its funny.  It all started with feeling like I was stepping in wet carpet. 
    Do you have the buzzing?
  • ellekate91
    Wow sorry to hear that hope you get better from that fall.  I have buzzing but nothing like what u gone through. I have buzzing/mildpinsneedles in my left foot continuous for 5 days now. When flexing I get the lhermittes in different spots. Mostly down stairs which he said that dosn sound right. Seen neuro won’t get a  mri full spine  untill June hVe already had brain back in sep for migraines and opci neuralgia . He wants to check for ms  but My buzzing everywhere dosn add up. I feel like I’m buzzing reallybad when I’m sick or tired. I have no clue what’s going and probaly won’t untill June unless I get worse then just buzzing I guess.