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  • JessieL
    For the past month I have been having extremely vivid dreams every single time I fall asleep. It's become kind of exhausting. But sometimes in my dreams I start sobbing, to the point where I'm almost sure I'm actually am sobbing for real. At least once I've experienced the opposite; I was laughing in my dream and it felt like I was really was laughing. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • echobird
    Have you experienced this before has your spouse said anything it might be stress related or something to do with your MS I'd suggest talking to your neurologists about it.
  • maria1
    I dont know if PBA (abnormal reactions of laughing and crying) happen in sleep too, I have woken shouting and scaring my partner. I am kinda use to weird dreams. Maybe for me it is a combo of all the drugs I have been on and the weird nerve reactions, my dreams are more detailed elaborate stories with intense emotional reactions. Sometimes I think I am awake too.