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  • Ron2004
    It has been about 15 years since my first attack and I’ve been able to recover completely until now.  Starting in December I had some numbness in my foot that has progressed to numbness in my hands, legs, feet and now my face.  I also have some weakness in my legs like I had in previous relapses.  The symptoms come and go but I always have some of them.  I’m not sure if this is a really long relapse or my new normal.  I have an appointment with my neurologist in September.  Has anyone else experienced a relapse that lasted 5 months where the symptoms waxed and waned?
  • golgotha
    Has anyone else experienced a relapse that lasted 5 months where the symptoms waxed and waned?

    Sure. Even after 30+ years of MS this still happens.

    The most dramatic for me was my left hand. It was dysfuctional, little feeling in it, a combo if pins and needles and "funny-bone" feeling for over a decade. Then something changed and over a period of a few months it got significantly better. Today it's "clunky" but is vastly improved -- I can even snap my fingers on that hand.
  • maria1
    I am not really sure if I know the difference between disease activity and symptoms. As far as I do know, an mri will determine if there is disease activity. I have had an exacerbation which was like a  bolt of lightning that hit at once with optic neuritis and then slowly over months improved. And another which slowly increased in a lot of symptoms and took years to overcome. That was when I had rrms, I could barely walk. I now have been diagnosed with spms and I walk fine, go figure?

    It is difficult to learn how to pace yourself, when I was 'fine' I could go for hours doing things, it took me forever to learn to rest before I get tired, to 'watch' how I react to activities. I have learned that the 'natural' body response to activity no longer works, I cant wait till I get tired to stop working, when that happens it is toooooooo late, the tank is empty and takes longer to refuel.