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  • julie701
    I will start by saying that I do not have a diagnosis yet, but it seems all my symptoms point to an MS diagnosis.  I have had "brain fog" on and off for about a year, along with on and off dizziness.  About a month ago, my arms and legs started to feel tingly like they were falling asleep.  The most troubling symptom for me is the way my legs feel when i walk.  They feel very stiff and tingly and some days it is hard to walk.  My legs and arms also get very weak quickly even if they are only lifted for a few minutes.  The leg and arm thing came on suddenly and some days are worse than others. My jaw also is very tired some days after talking a lot or eating.   I have had all of my bloodwork come back clear, and I have had a muscle test with the needles/electrodes (not sure what its called).  I go for an MRI in the next couple of weeks.  My neurologist seems to think that it is a virus, since it all started suddenly after a surgery i had about 6 weeks ago,  He said he does not feel that it is MS at this time but cant rule it out until my MRI comes back.  Any thoughts?  I am very scared that one day i will not be able to walk and I have a 6 yo daughter with special needs i have to take care of.

    Thank you!
  • maria1
    Hi Julie, The good news is that you have a doctor who is paying attention to you, we all have learned not to take that for granted. The bad news is you are worrying about the what ifs. There are so many variables in life and every combination does not always predict the same outcome. Allowing our imagination to always pick the worst case scenario does prepare us for the worst but it is often a waste of imagination. If it is ms there are more than a dozen drugs to delay progression along with good nutrition and thought modification. Thought modification has been the most valueable tool I have learned in life and in living with ms. Being afraid is sometimes wise but oftentimes interferes with living. Like being afraid to cross the street incase a car might hit you, so you dont get to have the ice cream from the store across the street.

    Living with a special needs person takes its toll too, trying to grab a few minutes rest is a challenge. Think about analyzing your thoughts: are they helpful or unhelpful? How we perceive things will determine how our body will react to things. Now that you are worrying about whether or not you will be able to walk ? is that making you tense your muscles, tightening your jaw, overworking your muscles?

    Stress is ms's best friend, if you have ms and you stress about it it will become ten times worse, you will be emotionally aggrivating the situation.

    Practicing deep breathing exercises sends oxygen through the blood to all the cells in the body, drinking water brings oxygen to the brain, muscle relaxing techniques give the muscles needed rest. The more the muscles are tensed the longer it will take for nutrients to reach them, like walking through a brick wall, impossible unless you are superwoman!

    Much of life is about getting through the challenges that cross our path every day, I have found that remembering the happy times in life make things easier to work through, remembering the good times, the times we smile and have had happiness should always be remembered, the joy in life, no matter how fleeting is our reward, keeping them close in our heart will make everything easier, even though when they are not there we are intensley pissed off! Like I was thin and pretty, now I am just an obese old lady, yuck. Practice smiling, and being grateful, they will shrink all the mountains to little hills, and of course somethimes that is difficult to do, but it will be less so if you get into the habit. Be kind to yourself and feel good about yourself, once you live past 17 in my book you are a success. best regards maria