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  • thisiscrazy
    Fun topic... I went to my pcp and got a UA because I think I’m getting a bladder infection.  However at the end of last year I noticed that sometimes it is hard to start urinating or the urine shuts off mid stream.  Then I sit and sit and think about water and eventually it finishes or my leg falls asleep from sitting on the toilet😉.  Does anyone else deal with this, how did you go about getting a diagnosis since most of our symptoms come and go, and are there meds that can help?  The risk for infection is bad.  That’s a huge concern.  Thank you in advance for any experiences you can share. And yes I’m setting up an appt with a urologist at the insistence of my PCP.  Thank you in advance for sharing your stories and experiences so we can help each other navigate this disease!
  • ErinNicole
    Hey thisiscrazy,
    i do not have urine retention, but I do experience bowel and urinary urgency.
    This might not apply, but I hope it helps some.
    Last week I started pelvic floor therapy which I was skeptical of, but it’s helped. They do t just work on the muscles. They help me utilize the mind body connection through relaxation techniques.
    I also learned that even though it’s tempting to drink less, it’s important to drink lots of water to help prevent infections. Sometime ago I read an article that said uti medications have been so over used that ttryre becoming ineffective and that it’s important to prevent infection or  try to relieve it naturally. 
    I go to the urologist on the 6th might have more useful information then 
  • waltzing_matilda

    Read this before you go to the neurologist:

    Many of the front line drugs used to treat urinary issues are anticholinergics.  I fired a urologist because she wasn't aware of this information and tried to put me on Ditropan.  It's her job to stay aware of current research.

  • thisiscrazy
    Good luck at your appointment!
  • MS_Navigators

    Here is a link to our publicaiton Urinary Dysfunction.  I hope this infomation is helpful!

    Take care,

    MS Navigator
    National MS Society
  • maria1
    During my many years playing with ms, i ahve gone both ways, ha ha, using a catheter and taking ditropan. It took me a long time to realize how crazy my nerves were always acting, actually I never thought about the nerves sending messages to muscles, I always thought the brain thought about something and the muscles did it magically, it took me years to understand about the nerves kicking everything into gear at the wrong time or in the wrong fashion, wires shorting and everything going haywire. Ironically we have a cheap hot tub that reminds me all the time. We push the button to turn on the lights and the jets start running, we push the button to raise the temperature and the lights turn on. It is a good thing there isnt a button to drain the thing or fill the water!
  • Rich1007
    I struggle with retention too.  My understanding is UTI's are all about keeping e-coli bacteria out of the bladder.  D-Mannose supplements, 1500mg a day work for me.  It wont kill a bladder infection once you have one but after its gone it does a great job keeping them from coming back. Also, I find cleaning up with antibacterial wipes after uriniting kills any bugs that might be hanging around.
  • Avatar
    Really thank you! Will read on…  Visit
  • joeysdad
    Hey crazy, I have had bladder issues for years. I have a crazy shy bladder. Put a cup in front of it and it says "nope! Not gonna do it.!" I can't even pee in front of my wife. And I also have stream starting and then stopping issues as well. If I get a good stream going, then I can go.