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  • cynburris
    Is it possible to stop progression all together?  Or will it progress no matter what I do?  I'm new, so that is one of my primary concerns.
  • maria1
    Slowing progression is the best we can do. The better you care for yourself the slower the progress of ms. AND, sometimes we think the disease is progressing when it is only a symptom acting up. Often a random nerve act up, like blurry vision and then it clears up. Not aggrivating the nerves is what we each individually need to learn, screaming and yelling is not a bad thing, but screaming and yelling with passion so we get red in the face and our ears begin to burn may spark a nerve to flare. Learning how to face everything with a calm attitude is a trick.

    recently I heard: When we are afraid we react like reptiles. Our brainstem gives us three options in this situation, fleeing, attacking, playing dead. Therefore we need calm to think things through instead of being a reptile.
  • jasonprestovfd
    Well said maria1. 
    Stopping progression would be curing MS from my perspective. The trick for all of us is figuring out what triggers our particular MS to misbehave. Could be heat, cold, or both, being sick, stress, being tired or hungry, or a million other triggers. It's an on going experiment every day and sometimes it changes.  Something that wasn't a trigger last year could be one tomorrow and something that was a trigger yesterday wont bother you at all tomorrow. 
    Stay strong and don't worry about tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow is a good day. 
  • CarrieL
    I am newly diagnosed and am being cared for by the amazing teams at the Mayo Cliniic. With their input and my own review of all the clinical results, I opted to start Ocrevus as my DMT. It does not stop progression, however it has been a game changer for slowing it down.